Thursday, August 30, 2007


Hizb-ut-Tahrir is an anti-Israel, pro-palestinian group which employs pan-Islamic ideology to promote their own interests. It has been frequently reported that this Caliphate nostalgic organisation is openly active in Copenhagen - in spite of the efforts of some politicians to have them banned, and in spite of the fact that their leader - Fadi Abdullatif - has been convicted of violations of the "Racism Law".

It is ironic that their response to continued efforts to ban the group is that Denmark is approaching a totalitarian state!!! HA!!! I thought that's what they wanted?!?

Of course they want to kill jews, destroy the west, keep their women enslaved. Another issue has been that the group has frequently used facilities owned and operated by Copenhagen Commune for their meetings, more or less on the same basis as other groups - like the West Side Badminton Club, or the Old Guys Sailing Club.

The scariest news is that a pedagog employed at one Community Youth Center- Ry 27 - from 2001 to 2004 claims that about 80% of the club members, and some of the staff were Hizb-ut-Tahrir supporters.

Hizb-ut-Tahrir sympathisers used the youth center's computers to access extremist information and to distribute materiel.

Banning a political group is one thing - providing public funding and facilities to groups like Hizb-ut-Tahrir is nothing short of aiding and abbetting the enemy.


Amar Hussain said...

How original this piece of writing truly is. You call Islam barbaric. Yet we are the racists? You say we enslave our women when it is you who treats them as sex objects. Who invented the porn industry? Who invented the size ZERO forcing impressionable young women to starve themselves to death? Do you honestly think that a woman would do such degrading things if they were'nt geting paid for it?

Reliapundit said...

ay yo emir hussein, LISTEN UP:

1 - islam is a creed, not a race. think about it.

2 - burkas. honor-killings. islamo-misogyny. case-closed

3 - porn? no one is forced to use or buy it. IT IS VERY POPULAR AMONG ARABS, AS ALL INTERNET TRAFFIC TRACING PROVES.

4 - in non-muslim/non-sharia places, no one is forced to become any clothing size. or wear a hijab.

amir: you are a dupe of islam - which is IMHO a false creed. the koran is REPLETE with factual errors, like confusing/conflating jesus's mother mary with mary magdalene.

jihad and islam are inseparable, and jihad has killed more muslims than anything else. islam is genocidal at its core.

the crusades were defensive on the part of the West. as is the current war, WW4. the arab muslims were the invaders, not christians or jews.

islam has been warring with the west since the pedophile thief mohammed invented it.

do you know about the barbary pirtates? they are no different than the taliban or al qaeda. they are scum. kidnapping, thieving criminal scum.

see the light and convert, or get lost.

northern seer said...


Regretably you focus upon one phrase, and manage to take my statement that Hizb -ut - Tahrir wants to continue to enslave their women, and apply it to all of Islam.

Maybe there is more than a kernel of truth in your misinterpretation of my text.

Be that as it may Islamic extremists like H-T prefer to blame the west for the backward state of Arab nations instead of looking within.

The barbaric misogynist practices of some Islamic/Tribal cultures is directly responsible, at least as a significant contributing factor, for the dysfunctional state of affairs in Africa and the Middle East. Nostalgia for a totalitarian Caliphate will bring no relief for the suffering.

Why am I a joker? Try reading my post again - I only bring attention to the fact that HT, which is banned in other parts of Europe, thrives in Denmark. So do the Nazi's.