Friday, August 10, 2007

Climate Audit Hit

It appears that Climate Audit after posting on a NASA error that made 1998 the warmest year on record (it is now second warmest after 1934 Power and Control link) has been hit with a denial of service attack according to a commenter at Watts Up With That?

Evidently the news was too much for some people to bear.

More news here.

Michelle Malkin sent an e-mail. She thinks it was a mention of Climate Audit by Rush L. that did it. Possible. Steve McIntyre has posted at A. Watts' site saying it may be a while before CA returns. Maybe a week. The usual DOS type attack is cleared in a couple of days or less. So I'm still wondering. More news as it becomes available. Michelle has more details on the main story and some thoughts on why Climate Audit is down.

Clayton Cramer has some thoughts.

Update: 10 Aug 007 2258z

What really happened by some one who was actually there.
I know the DOS attack on ClimateAudit.org was real, as I helped them try to troubleshoot the problem, and the attack continues even now.
BTW Climate Audit is back up.

Update: 11 Aug 007 1838z

Climate Audit has limited access until they get their new servers installed. If you can connect to them you are fortunate (I got lucky). Otherwise you will most probably get a 403 Error. They hope to have all the kinks ironed out by Monday.

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John A said...

CA is still in purgatory until we can move it to a new server hopefully this weekend.

Please try on Monday