Thursday, August 23, 2007


After Bush gave a GREAT speech to the VFW, Hewitt asked a good question here:
Will 10,000 Terrorists Killed Or Captured In Iraq In 2007 Lead The MSM News Tonight?
Hewitt's total was off: it's 12,000 enemy killed since January. The enemy is being annihilated, and the MSM won;t tell the people. it won't because it knows that if this was really brought home to the public the public would be MUCH more supportive of our continuing efforts.

So, of course it did not lead the news - nor was it broadcast much at all.

And this is why the free world runs a risk of having a major setback in WW4 - by electing a Democrat to the White House. Because the so-called "anti-war" leftists control the MSM, a significant portion of the public is not getting the whole story and so they are not enthusiastically supporting our continuing excellent efforts in Iraq. And we can expect the MSM's nabobs of negativity to continue to besmirch our efforts until they put a leftist in the White House.

YUP: as far as the MSM is concerned all we will hear for the next year is that Iraq is a lost cause (and the Earth's climate is a catastrophe), and it won't stop until UNTIL THEY PUT HILLARY IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

Their coverage of the Iraq War and of "climate change" is as accurate as was their coverage of Katrina and "the plastic turkey" and all the other BOGUS BUSH SCANDALS. Which is to say their coverage SUCKED and just plain got the facts wrong, and always got them wrong in a way to hurt Bush.

The blogosphere and talkradio are doing a great job, but neither has the scope or reach to disinfect the part of the public which mostly just gets its news from watching the morning or evening news on TV.

The blogosphere and talkradio are good at energizing the base, but not yet at reaching out to the independents and middle-of-the-roaders, (the free-rangers as the folks at PJM call 'em).

That's why it's primarily the job of the White House. And the White House has NOT done a very good job of this; there's been little consistency and a lot of missteps: The Wilson-Plame Affair was terribly mishandled. And they squandered a lot of good will and support from the base over Dubai and Miers and Shamnesty.

Getting around the MSM's leftist anti-war filter is paramount.

And this is why I think the VFW speech SHOULD have been delivered to a Joint Session of Congress. It was that good and that important. And before Congress - in prime time - more people would have seen it UNFILTERED.

Our next nominee had better do a better job of communicating and controlling the terms of the debate. I think Romney is the most effective on TV. Rudy has the cred's and gravitas. Fred says all the right things. Some combination of these three might make a great ticket.

In the meantime we have to continue to wage our battle against the MSM. Damn the asymmetry, full speed ahead!

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M. Simon said...

Our biggest weapon in this war is Dr. Bussards Fusion Reactor.

I have sources who tell me that the Navy is anxious to make it work for two reasons.

Get us off oil, power ships. DOE and its ITER fixation be damned.

When my sources pull their embargo I will have a lot to say about what is going on.

I will say this: if the experiments turn out well in the next two years the Navy has plans for full speed ahead.

As per usual AB will be in the lead on this. (BTW AB was one of the first three blogs to get the initial "rumors" - all written by me) posted within minutes of each other.

If I can stay on top of this (when do I get to sleep? - LOL) AB will be first again. In any case I have inside stuff that you will not get in any press release.

However, this info should not go on the front page until the embargo is fully lifted.

Consider this a teaser for those AB readers who actually read the comments.