Friday, July 20, 2007


Basically, the only way to end poverty is to make poor people RICHER.

How do we do that?

EASY: Let poor people KEEP all their social security taxes by letting them put it into a private investment account.

When they reach retirement age they will have hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not, a million) - money which they can give to their descendants - unlike the meager social security stipend which stops when they die.

Social security (technically a Ponzi Scheme) was designed 70 years ago - it no longer makes sense.

Would you want a 70 year old car or fridge or hairdo!? So why settle for a 70 year old retirement system!?

It makes no sense.

AND ANOTHER THING: All the other liberal "anti-poverty" programs were TERRIBLE FAILURES, TOO - just as Moynihan said in the 1960's. The poor black family survived slavery and the Civil War and Jim Crow and two World Wars, but it did not survive the Great Society: all measures of black family life suffered AFTER the liberal programs began: out of wedlock births, crime, and poverty all increased. WHAT DECREASED IT: welfare reform, and law & order policies.


EASY: It's like this: hen you throw welfare at poverty you are merely APPEASING it.
But when you unleash the free-market - cut taxes and make employment cheaper, well, then you're defeating poverty.

The Left - and the party they dominate, the Dems - would rather that the poor be government dependent - and thereby a captive/compliant base, then have poor people get richer and mor INDEPENDENT.

There's another reason that they support large government programs: it increases the AFSCME/SEIU white collar unions -which financially support them. (Most of the Dem union support is WHITE collar; blue collar workers are not and Left and are shrinking as a percentage of the national labor-force; whereas the white collar unions are growing --- with Dem help!)

This is why it is true to say that the Democrat party is the party of TAX RECEIVERS.
And the GOP and Independents are people WHO PAY TAXES.

BOTTOM-LINE: The Dems would rather the poor stay poor and Democrat, then see them become richer and INDEPENDENT.

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