Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Oh how angelic you look, Putin as you shake the hands of Western leaders. And yet, what a snake!

The treachery of Russia knows no bounds. Russia has wiped out a huge debt to Syria in order to 'sell' expensive high powered weaponry to the Islamic nation. Syria is now armed to the teeth!

Five MiG-31E fighter-interceptors are being dispatched from Russia to Syria as well as a lot of MiG29M/M2 jets. The total cost of these aircrafts is estimated at around $1 billion: Which raises the question, where did Syria get the money for such a splurge? Well, it seems that Syria owed Russia a lot of money and in the winter of 2005, Russia magnanimously wrote off 70 percent of that debt (around $13.4 billion). This reduced Syria's Russian debt to $3.6 billion. At the same time, an agreement for military-technical cooperation between Russia and Syria was renewed. This still doesn't completely explain though where the money for this purchase came from.

Some experts believe that Syria is purchasing weapons for more countries than just itself. Iran is thought to be the benefactor with the big bucks. Last year, a contracted was concluded for the delivery of 36 Pantsir-S1E artillery missile systems. With British publication Jane's Defence Weekly reporting that at least ten of those Pantsirs would be in the hands of Iran by the end of 2008. Iran, it adds is paying for Syria's weapons from Russia and also for Syria to act as the intermediary. During the dealings with Russia, Syria and Iran signed a mutual defense pact and a military cooperation pact which would provide Iranian funding for Syrian arms deals with Russia, Ukraine and China.

The justification for the arms build-up is the conflict developing between Iran and the U.S. and the possibility of armed conflict developing. The MiG-31 was used by USSR as a key defense against the U.S., used to knock out American cruise missiles in the North Pole region.

However, experts believe the MiG-31 is more useful to Syria. Head of the Technology and National Security Program at the Holon Institute of Technology and Israeli Air Force Col. (Res.) Shmuel Gordon, said that "This is the first serious modernization of the Syrian anti-aircraft and anti-missile system in ten years. It will most likely seriously limit the Israeli Air Force's freedom of action. The appearance of those planes means that the Syrians can take down Israeli planes over the Golan Heights or Lebanon. That is to say, this is a quantitative leap in Syria's ability to wage an air war.

The enemies of the U.S. and Israel are arming up and getting into formation and Russia and China are right behind them 100 %. Be careful when you shake Uncle Vladimir's hand, George Bush. He could have a dagger in the other to stab you in the back.


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