Friday, June 01, 2007

Republicans Support Hillary For President

The Captain's Quarters has a story up on the fall off in small donations at Republican National Headquarters.
The Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks political donations to all parties and affiliated committees, confirms that the Republicans have a fundraising problem. The smaller donors with whom the RNC's call center interfaced have decreased their contributions considerably, and overall income has dropped significantly. The RNC has done better than the Congressional committees, but only because the RNC also focuses on big donors through other means, such as fundraising events.

Republican donors have certainly lost some enthusiasm since the midterm losses last year, and the immigration bill has added to their woes. People are angry about the compromise; they have flooded talk radio shows and the blogs to express their discontent, and in return they have been attacked by President Bush as "not wanting what is best for their country." Under those circumstances, the average small donor has one option, which is to cease being a donor at all -- and to communicate that to the people who call for their assistance.
From what I gather Hillary and her clones have taken over the Republican call center duties.
Hillary Calling.

I see '06 in your future.

I'm looking forward to national health care, totally open immigration, and surrender in the war.

How about you? Can I count on your support? You promise not to support Republicans? That is good enough for me.
However, if it sends the Republicans a message it will be worth it.

The Republican Party is dead. Circular firing squad.

I'm sorry I signed up with such a bunch of incompetents.

Unfortunately, I only have the Libertarians to fall back on.

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RELIAPUNDIT ADDS: I agree; I would NEVER vote for Bush or another GOP candidate again - EXCEPT IF THEY RAN AGAINST A DEMOCRAT!

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