Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The nice thing about going out on a limb on an issue is you find more people think like you than you realize. I found this to be true when I wrote my post, The Bloody Immigration Debate. I braced myself for a lot of vitriol from my own side but instead I found a lot of people who felt the same way.

Sister Toldjah wrote a wonderful post entitled, The immigration debate: The good, the bad, and the ugly - and suggestions. Here is an excerpt:
I don’t question the president’s good intentions on wanting to pass ‘comprehensive immigration reform.’ He came into the WH after being a two-term governor of the border state of Texas, and it wasn’t exactly a secret that he was in favor of naturalization then, so the positions he’s taken on the issue of illegal immigration have not been a shock to me, nor should they have been to anyone else. To accuse the President of ‘betrayal’ on this issue when his position should have been well-known from the getgo is baffling to me.

Robin wrote an excellent post yesterday entitled, About BDS, BBS (Bush Betrayal Syndrome) and IDS (Immigration Derangement Syndrome). Here is her conclusion:
Then step back and take a deep breath. Think about all the times we've mocked the Left for their outrageous comments. Think about all the times we've almost blown a gasket when Conyers, Sheehan, etc ridiculed and denigrated our President. The IDS/BBS crowd has bellied up to the "Eat Your Own Buffet" with KOS and the DUmpers as honored guests. This is one dinner party that I will NOT be a part of.

Robin and Sister Toldjah both highlighted The Anchoress's post and I have to say its definitely worth reading. She takes the time to post a list on all the awesome things that Bush has done that so many conservatives have just thrown by the wayside. Here are just a few items she had on the list:
Did he create a workable alternative to Kyoto that other countries have embraced? Yes. Bet you didn’t know that!

Has he lowered the deficit ahead of schedule in time of war? Yes. Even the NYTimes admits it!

Did he cut taxes? Twice? Yes. And yes.

Did he try to get the cuts made permanent? Yes. Congress dropped that ball.

Did he stop government funding of EMBRYONIC stem cell research? Yes.

Did he go after the Taliban and AlQaeda in Afghanistan barely a month after 9/11? Yes.

Has he been unflagging in his efforts to subdue terrorism, worldwide? Yes.

Has be been the consistent voice for human liberty around the globe? Yes.

Has he been a staunch friend to Israel, the only stable democracy in a frantic region? Yes.

Did he end the farce of world-wide Arafat admiration? Yes

Has he figured out that a free and engaged Middle East makes America safer? Yes.

Has he kept you safe since 9/11? So safe that you’ve almost forgotten to fear? Yes.

Did he inspire Libya to surrender it’s WMD without firing a shot? Yes.

Did he appoint excellent SCOTUS and Federal Judges to the bench? Yes.

Did he manage an economy thru recession, terror attack & war w/ consistent gains for over ten quarters? Yes.

Has he kept unemployment between 5.5% and 4.4% for an impressive period? Yes.

Does he say what he means and mean what he says? Yes.

Does he support the second amendment? Yes.

Does he support school vouchers and school choice? Yes.

Did he sign the ban on Partial Birth Abortion? Yes. It went to court, but he signed it.

Did he reverse Clinton’s intent to kill Reagan’s pro-life Mexico policy? Yes.

Did he support the Defense of Marriage Act? Yes. That used to be vitally important to you.

Has he handled himself with enormous courage, dignity and grace in the face of world/media/hate?

Is he a man with a creed before he’s anything else? Yes.

Has he given you most of what you’ve wanted? Actually, looking at the list…yes!
To read the rest of the list, go here.

We can be disappointed in how Bush has dealt with immigration but I just don't get the complete abandonment of him and other Republicans over this one issue. Reagan had a more lax stance on immigration and yet the same people who lavish praise on him want to crucify Bush. It is something to think about.


JR said...

I have elswhere descibed GWB as a "Christian gentleman" rather than a true conserevative and I think that accounts for a lot of his deeds

Pastorius said...

Good post, LMC.

The thing is, we elected Bush to do what we want him to do, and overwhelmingly the American people do not want this bill passed.

He needs to do what we want him to do, not what he wants to do.

This is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

George Bush is not King and he is not Pope. His opinions are not decree.

It's one thing to make strong decisions in the field of war, or foreign policy, where the American people can not be privy to all the intelligence, but it is another thing to try to subvert the will of the people on a domestic issue, which effects us in our everyday lives.

I live in California. I see it and live with it every friggin' day.

Enough is enough.