Friday, June 22, 2007


Well, of course they do. What the hell does anyone expect them to say, "Yes, it's true, we're neo-fascists with plans to crush free speech." It's just like Bill Clinton always said, "Deny, deny, deny." Of course, Oliver Willis says their denials are proof that Inhofe is a liar:

You mean the senate's leading global warming denier just pulled something out of his ass, sent it over talk radio and had it filtered throughout the blogs and Fox News? Simply astounding.

Kryptonite my ass! It's ironic that he would bring global warming into the argument. Global Warming is the issue that Ole's friends on the Left say is completely settled...NO DEBATE, DON'T QUESTION IT! Hell if you try and question it, you could go before a Nuremberg-Style court, if some folks had their way. Hmmm, silencing an opposing view on Global Warming...just like some want to silence the views of, wait for it....conservative talk radio!

Are you getting this?

UPDATE: Inhofe says the story is true but it's an old one, from three years back, when Hillary and Boxer were in the minority. That should be enough to convince everyone that these two have only the best intentions. I know I'm convinced. We were wrong to ever suspect them of anything untoward.

MORE: The Lefties are steamed at Inhofe for daring to tell such a story. Hillary and Boxer deny it, case closed. So, am I to take from this that these two ladies are against bringing back the Fairness Doctrine? If Inhofe did make it up (which is unlikely), he sure did hit a nerve.

UPDATE: Inhofe explains the timetable to Breitbart TV.

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