Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Stunningly, the NY Times discloses how coordinated the whacko anti-war groups are with the Democrat leadership in Congress. Here are some excerpts from an article they published:
Every morning, representatives from a cluster of anti-war groups gather for a conference call with Democratic leadership staff members in the House and the Senate.

Shortly after, in a cramped Washington meeting room, they convene for a call with organizers across the country. They hash out plans for rallies. They sketch out talking points for "rapid response" news conferences. They discuss polls they have conducted in several dozen crucial congressional districts and states across the country.

But there are tensions in the relationship between the groups, which banded together this year as Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, and the Democratic leadership. The fissures could be magnified soon as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., form a strategy after President Bush's veto of the $124 billion Iraq spending bill that had a withdrawal timetable.

On Thursday, leaders of the liberal group MoveOn.org sent a harshly worded warning to Democratic leaders.

"In the past few days, we have seen what appear to be trial balloons signaling a significant weakening of the Democratic position," the letter read. "On this, we want to be perfectly clear: if Democrats appear to capitulate to Bush - passing a bill without measures to end the war - the unity Democrats have enjoyed ... will immediately disappear."

Rush pointed out yesterday that Republicans are the ones accused of having collaborated talking points but its obvious that liberals are actually the ones who are engaging in this, by their own admission.

Since Democrats don't have enough votes to override the President's veto it will be interesting to see if moveon.org will truly abandon them for not insisting on a deadline for withdrawal. The liberals are so beholden to the anti-war whackos, no wonder they can't see clearly what is best for the security of our country.

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M. Simon said...

The most ironic thing is that we have Democrats against democracy in Iraq.

I think that deserves a post.

With music.