Thursday, May 17, 2007


Our hearts and prayers go out to Jerry’s wife Macel, his children Jerry, Jonathan and Jeannie, and his church. This is a tragic loss for them – and for all Americans. Jerry’s passions and convictions changed the course of our country for the better over the last 20 years – and I was proud to call him my friend.

It was Jerry who led an entire wing of Christianity, the fundamentalist wing, away from isolation and into a direct confrontation with culture. It was my honor to share the front lines with him in the battle for righteousness in our nation. We will continue that fight, in his honor, until our mutual goals are achieved.--Dr. James Dobson
Even though I consider myself to be a part of the dreaded "religious right" I wasn't the biggest fan of Jerry Falwell at all. I'm a Dr. James Dobson chic whereas Robertson and Falwell often said things that made me cringe. Probably, my biggest complaint about Falwell was his comments after 9/11. That said, I can't believe the absolute vitriol that is being spewed by the left about this man.

A lady at the entertainment network where I'm going to be doing my radio show commented that Conservatives have a bad reputation for being cold-hearted. I understood what she was saying yet, I think most of it is the way we have been demonized by the Drive By Media. Later, I thought to myself that the liberal left seems to have a lot more hatred for George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Tony Snow (when he got cancer) and now Jerry Falwell. You would never see your average conservative saying some of the vile things that the left seems to think are okay to say about someone whose body isn't even cold yet. As O'Reilly pointed out, at the very least, they greatly lack a sense of decency.

Jerry Falwell may have been the fall guy for those who hate Christians and he often said things that warranted criticism but he did do some good.

1) The University he started, Liberty University is an excellent school as far as I can tell. Its a quality school unlike some of the more questionable ones like Bob Jones, IMHO (I'm sure I'll get flack for that statement). The summer between my sophomore and junior year at Moody I stayed in Chicago. I got to know a group of college kids from Liberty that came for the summer and I was pretty impressed with them and what they said about the school.

2) He was instrumental in Evangelical Christians getting more involved in politics and the culture and I think that has been a good thing. If someone had done this sooner Roe vs. Wade may never have happened.

Jerry Falwell wasn't the greatest guy but he was a decent, moral man who deserves better than how he is being treated by the looney left. As even Dennis Miller pointed out, at least put the shovels away before pulling out the knives.

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Shimmy said...

The Chicago Tribune says Jerry Falwell was "an influential man with a booming voice and a penchant for provocative statements."

So was Goebbels.