Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Greenpeace Builds Noah's Ark

Istanbul - The environmental pressure group Greenpeace said on Wednesday that its volunteers were constructing a model of the Biblical Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey to raise public awareness over global warming.

"Greenpeace started to build a Noah's Ark on the Mount Ararat to point to the threat of the new climate catastrophe," Andree Bohling, the group's energy campaigner, told a press conference here.

"Global climate change is the biggest threat to our planet since the times of Noah," he added. "We are about to face a new flood."

I'm thrilled that they're doing this. Why? Fifty years from now when I'm in my 80's and the human race is still here, still prospering on this great planet of ours, I want this thing to still be sitting there in dry-dock. I'll make the trip to Mount Ararat and take a picture of the boat. It will be called, "The Folly of Man."



Mr. Grey Ghost said...

"Idiots" and hypocrites, pushing "science" while exploiting Christianity for their own goals.

Anonymous said...


[slight modification of a post of mine to Dr. Sanity.]

[NOTE: it doesn't matter if you believe that the following was an historic event, or not, for this to be relevant. The fact is that it is the oldest recorded paradigm for how a tyrant draws the unsuspecting into his pathology by praying on their fear of a natural disaster, in this case also global. The profound insight it gives into our susceptibility to the machinations of such people, who can con us into wasting our precious resources on the pretext of avoiding a non-event, is more than sufficient to alert us to the frightening similarity it has with the current wave of climate hysteria sweeping the world.]

Ancient Jewish tradition informs us that Nimrod ...

"...support[ed] a theory which propose[d] that the Great Flood WAS A NATURAL AND PREDICTABLE EVENT [my emphasis]. You see, the flood occurred 1656 years after Creation. Obviously, the Earth experiences sky quakes that occur in cycles of 1656 years and they cause floods. Nimrod commission[ed] the construction of a huge tower to hold back the sky to protect civilization from the next eruption."

And, obviously, according to Nimrod, (the original Al Gore?) humans had the power to alter the course of nature. And, since G-d had already sworn not to bring another flood to the world, he didn't have to worry about being proven wrong, and may even have intended to take the credit for preventing what would never have happened anyway. And like big Al selling "carbon offsets" he may even have gotten rich selling people the mud for their bricks. Pretty slick, huh!

And, quite coincidentally [wink-wink, nudge-nudge], since everyone was occupied with that, they had little time left to question Der Fuhrer's leadership and micromanaging every facet of their lives, for the sake of "the common good.".

"He also intend[ed] to install an idol at the top of this tower." (ibid) {Himself, of course)

I wonder if he looked anything like what Oliphant shows us,here...

Someone else sees the same parallel, too, with a bit different emphasis..