Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Giving Up Religious Supremacism

Winds of Change is discussing a post by Ali Eteraz. His thesis is that we need to give up partisanship. That no political philosophy is better than another. Split the differences.

Ali says:
I cannot in clean conscience engage against religious supremacism and exclusion if I engage in ideological supremacism and exclusion.
Sure you can.

For the most part it is impossible to tell whether belief in God A or God B or God Ba has more merit.

However, one can measure the results of one ideology over another. Capitalism vs. Communism for instance. Or Self Government vs. Despotism.

Modern man has advanced through differentiation. You know reason. Occam's Razor and all that. We have rules for judging differences. In size. In weight. Even in opinion.

I'd hate to give all that up just so you can feel good about giving up religious supremacism.

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1 comment:

Reliapundit said...

exactly right.

he throws the baby out with the bathwater - his intention. like any true gramscian.

like a true postmodernist.

which is why functionally he and his comrades are aligned with the jihadists: they both hate Modernity, traditonal Judeo-Christian values and the West.