Friday, April 27, 2007

Obama Is Silent

That is a truly novel approach to politics. Except when it comes to Obama's friend Antoin "Tony'' Rezko. Tony is a high powered developer of slum property with friends in City Hall.

Well you know how it is in Chicago politics. Sometimes silence is better than an insurance policy. A life insurance policy. Which only pays off after you are dead.
For five long weeks, Sun-Times' investigative reporter Tim Novak called, e-mailed, requested, practically pleaded with Obama's press people to provide information about the senator's relationship to Rezko when it came to the development of low-income housing in Chicago. In an abundance of fairness and an excess of solicitousness, Novak sent a list of questions.

For five weeks, no answer.
I have a lot more on the Obama/Rezko connection and how Rezko the slum lord (on Chicago's dime) destroyed the housing stock in poor neighborhoods at city and Federal expense at Power and Control.

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Reliapundit said...

good one. we gotta keep the heat on this amoral leftie crook.

BTW: i posted on this on 4/24.


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