Thursday, April 12, 2007

Employment Scams

Kate Coble of Just Another Pretty Farce has written about her experiences with a "head hunter" company by the name of J. L. Kirk & Associates, or Kirk Associates, or JL Kirk, or JLK, or JLK-A, or sometimes just “Kirk“. Bob Krumm came up with all those Kirk names in another delightful and witty post called Kirked.

Beware of head hunters who make you pay a fee to sign on with them. Reputable companies pay the head hunters to do talent searches. A job seeker should never pay a fee to an employment agency or a head hunter.

The comments at Just Another Pretty Farce include other tales of woe and a comment ostensibly from the "head hunter" at J. L. Kirk.

Let me note that J. L. Kirk is suing Kate and her husband for the blog post.

H/T Instapundit who is having a link fest with this whole episode. After you have looked at the above links go to Instapundit for more fun.

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