Tuesday, February 27, 2007


To me the obvious answer to that question is duh!! I don't know how Bill doesn't inevitably cause some kind of scandal for Hillary. Whether its past, present or future indiscretions, Bill is sure to create some kind of negative press. I think the recent criticism by uber-liberal Geffen has taken the Clintons off guard though. They expect attacks by all of us right wing extremists but to be eaten by one of their own so early has them a little off kilter.

This article points out how Hillary isn't even open to discussing how Bill could negatively affect her campaign. You can smell the fear! Wouldn't you love to hear the threats by Hillary if Bill embarrasses her for the umpteenth time? She may get the sympathy, victim nod from people while being the first lady but not as a candidate for president. If she sticks by Bill after the 300th indiscretion she either looks weak or like a woman who will sacrifice every shred of human decency to gain power. The latter is definitely true but the new voters just now coming of age haven't been made aware of that yet.

In all honesty, I want Hillary to get the Dem nomination. I think almost anyone else would be a bigger threat for Republicans. That said, I am going to break out the popcorn and enjoy the view while we watch Obama and other naive Dems walk into the Lion's Den, also known as the Clinton Hit Machine. Obama held his own in round 1, I am eager to see round 2. I am also eager to watch how Slick Willie avoids stepping in it during these next 2 years. As Kevin Bacon said in A Few Good Men, "...its going to be entertaining."

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