Saturday, February 17, 2007


MIDDLE EASTERN countries secretly armed and supported suspected Al-Qaeda recruits in the failed state of Somalia in a direct challenge to western interests in east Africa, according to a United Nations report.

Hundreds of Islamist fighters were flown, with Eritrean assistance, from Somalia to Syria and Libya for military training. Others were taken to Lebanon to fight with Hezbollah, the report to the UN security council has revealed.

UN investigators also detailed military aid given to the Islamists by Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Arab states friendly to the West. Iran also supplied 125 shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles, 80 of which arrived by sea in dhows and the rest by air.
All this goes on while China and Russia and France run interference for the jihadists in the UNSC.

I'm fed up with it! AS THE ABOVE ITEM PROVES ONCE AGAIN - THE ENEMY IS UNITED. Everyone in the conscious world knows that Syria and Iran aid the enemy in Iraq. And that Pakistan plays a double game in Afghanistan.

SHOULDN'T WE BE UNITED, TOO!? The ummah is attacking us - ON A DOZEN FRONTS, AIDED BY A LEFTIST MEDIA AND A LEFTIST DEMOCRAT PARTY - while we pointlessly argue about whether or not there is such a thing as moderate islam, and the Dems in Congress worry about war spilling over Iraq's border with Iran. HEY GUYS: THIS IS ALREADY A GLOBAL WAR! BORDERS DON'T MEAN DICK IN THIS WAR! (AND REMEMBER: No one ever demanded that FDR first get separate resolutions from Congress before invading Morocco and Italy and France, etc!).

Sunni, Shia, al Qaeda, JI, Hizballah, Iranian, Hamas, Chechnyan, Fatah - who cares what sect or what nation or which jihadist group they belong to. They're all bad and they all need to be destroyed. The sooner, the better.

It's time we acted on the Bush Doctrine and demanded that other nations choose sides: either they're with us or they're against us. And we must punish every nation that is against us. They must fear us more than al Qaeda, Putin, North Korea - and everyone else combined. Only then we will be safe, and only then will the gains humanity has blad for the last 500 years be protected.

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miriam sawyer said...

These Middle Eastern countries are exporting Islamic fighters to other countries so the terrorists can kill and be killed on someone else's soil.

If these jihadists were allowed to run wild, in Saudi arabia, Pakistan, etc, they could bring down governments and lead to domestic unrest. So they export them, and they are our problem.