Saturday, February 03, 2007


Some governments have already fallen: Spain; Thailand; Lebanon (virtually). Berlusconi lost, too - to a socialist appeaser with alleged ties to the KGB, Prodi. Iraq's nascent democracy might fail this year; Karzai's is struggling. Sweden is in full dhimmi mode, as is Norway. Russia directly aids Iran - who will soon get nukes, unless Bush grows a set of balls. (Does "Dubya" stand for WIMP?! I'm beginning to think it does!)

Blair is through - largely because he's a hawk. Bush is struggling too; the surge in Iraq is seen by many to be a last chance; if it fails, then the USA might very well elect a dove president with a dove Congress. 1977 redux. YIPES! I lived through that. It was a disaster!

Iran's proxies may soon takeover Gaza and Lebanon - and they yearn for control of Jordan. Both al Qaeda and Iran have their eyes on Mecca - so the House of Saud is very VERY nervous.

BASIC RECAP: the EU could be majority dhimmi; Afghanistan could fail; Iraq could fail; Iran could get nukes - all in the next few years.

GOLLY: Unless things change direction, I'd say we're headed for a major cultural clash - and crash. AMERICA ALONE.

And it would likely be an America run by Hillary and Obama and Pelosi and Reid and Durbin.

They will retreat abroad, weaken our defenses at home, raise taxes and entitlements. Take us back down the road to serfdom.

They will be a disaster for the security and prosperity of the Free World.

Nevertheless, if I had to bet money today, I'd bet that these bad guys will win: the Dems; the Left; the jihadists.

Pity. It needn't happen. But it will take BOLD action to prevent it. And Bush has done NOTHING bold since 2003. As a result we drift toward surrender. Despite a thriving economy and a military that is up to the task - IF WE'D ONLY LET THEM AND SUPPORT THEM!


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