Thursday, January 04, 2007


President Bush has decided to name Lt. Gen. David H. Petraeus as the top American military commander in Iraq, part of a broad revamping of the military team that will carry out the administration’s new Iraq strategy, administration officials said Thursday. In addition to the promotion of General Petraeus, who will replace Gen. George W. Casey Jr., the choice to succeed Gen. John P. Abizaid as the head of the Central Command is expected to be Adm. William J. Fallon, who is the top American military officer in the Pacific, officials said.
Petraeus was in charge of training Iraqis. This might indicate that making them defend themselves is our highest priority. GOOD.

BUT WHY APPOINT A NAVY MAN TO RUN CENTCOM - after all.... all the troops in iraq are Army and Marines.

Could it really be because the NAVY would lead any military move - like an embargo - against Iran, and also launch any preemptive military attack on IRAN? I think so.The Navy would likely be our lead force against Iran: The Gulf Cooperation Council plans to launch its largest ever military exercise:
GCC sources said the six Gulf Arab members would conduct an exercise by the regional Peninsula Shield force over the next two months. They said the exercise, hosted by Oman, would contain air, ground and naval components in the Gulf region. "The exercise is designed to begin a serious effort at interoperability and regional defense," a GCC source said. "We have been planning this exercise carefully with our allies."
The source said Britain and the United States have been advising Peninsula Shield on the forthcoming exercise. The six GCC militaries employ mostly U.S. and British weapons platforms and also receive training from London and Washington.
In fact, this will be the largest naval exercise ever run over there. (More here - and more HERE. And here.)

Complete round up on the personnel change HERE at MEMEORANDUM.

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BTW: if you check the time-stamps you'll see that TAB was FIRST to publish this reading of the Fallon appointment - before anyone else in the blog0sphere - or Ralph Peters.


Pastorius said...

Great insight.

I'm almost sure you are correct on this.

And, I must say, this is a big reason to be happy.

MR said...

these military moves are akin to rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking cruiseliner--what we really need is a new president. wondering where your tax money, to the tune of $2billion a day, is going in Iraq?? have a look at these videos

Gandalin said...

Actually, at least from today's media's standpoint, what we do need is a different president.

If Bill Clinton had been president, the news we'd have been reading would have been:

--Iraq war most successful ever; all objectives achieved with phenomenally low casualties.

--Best economic growth in history, despite terror attacks and war.

--Post-Katrina rescue efforts biggest and quickest in US history.

All of which are true, but not reported.