Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I have been accused of being a rabid Bushie among other things for my loyalty to President George W. Bush. He has won my loyalty for his character, integrity, his Christian faith and for standing strong on the war on terror. Consequently, he doesn't usually get much criticism from me.

However, if pressed I do have a few gripes against him and Arlen Specter is one of my biggest. Why did W & Rick Santorum support Arlen Specter in the primary of 2004 over his conservative challenger Pat Toomey? It makes absolutely no sense to me. I have been fed a bunch of excuses but they still don't wash with me. The guy who led W's campaign in KC was someone who knew W from his Texas days. I asked him and he said "the devil you know is better than the one you don't know." That isn't good enough for me.

I think the thought is even though he's a social liberal he will be loyal because Bush supported him in the primary. One big problem, Specter seems to have forgotten that part of the deal. I have a list of Traitor Republicans and McCain is #1 but he is followed closely in the #2 spot by Arlen Specter with Chuck Hagel #3.

All of this leads up to Specter's latest stunt yesterday. I heard about it on the news and was just beside myself. Here is an excerpt of his comments:
A Senate Republican on Tuesday directly challenged President Bush's declaration that "I am the decision-maker" on issues of war.

"I would suggest respectfully to the president that he is not the sole decider," Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said during a hearing on Congress' war powers amid an increasingly harsh debate over Iraq war policy. "The decider is a shared and joint responsibility," Specter said.

You've got to wonder if Bush isn't kicking Karl Rove or whoever it was that told him that Specter was the better bet.


Anonymous said...

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erictn said...

...but... the only thing is, Specter is correct: it is a *joint* responsibility between the executive branch & congress, at least according to the founding fathers of our nation!