Friday, December 22, 2006


I have a good friend who is an Armenian Christian. He looks like an Arab, and he owns a gas station.

His family fled Armenia during the Armenian genocide, and they escaped to Iran. His family became wealthy in Iran.

In 1979, his family fled Iran (without their money) to excape the Islamic Revolution of the Ayatollah Khomeini. My friend and his family they wound up here in the U.S., and in Paris.

Their family has, for the most part, become wealthy again. However, recently, the family has been having to pool money to get their relatives our of Paris, because of the Muslims.

So, you see the pattern here. They have had to flee Islamic Jihad three times in the past 100 years.

I'm telling you, my Armenian friend and his family are some of the kindest and gentlest people I know. They are great Americans And yet, the BNP, and parties like it, would consider these people enemies.

If you don't believe the BNP would make my friend and his family their enemies, then just go to their website and look at the ads for white power books and records and the like.

Additionally, I would like to say that I sympathize with the desire of many British people to keep England ethnically British. I am an American, but my family hails from Britain, and they all live there to this day. I understand the value of the Anglo-Saxon ethos, and its history.

However, I also want to say that personally, I, as a white person, am a minority within my own family (most of my family are, in fact, first-generation immigrants). On Thanksgiving, for instance, we had 25 people over to our house, and only four of us were white.

I love my family, and they are as American, if not more so, than myself. America has performed the historical miracle of transforming the ethnic and cultural strengths of Europe into an ideology which can be planted in the hearts of human beings from all over the planet.

The BNP would prefer to take things back to the days before the miracle of Americanism was born. I believe we can move forward into a better future.


Punditarian said...

Pastorius, I appreciate what you are saying, but I have a feeling that the BNP don't set much store by "Americanism" at all. . .

Always On Watch said...

I appreciate what you're saying, but many Brits are getting fed up with the dhimmitude from the other political parties.

One of the nasty results of not confronting the cultural war which Islam has foisted onto the West is the pendulum's swinging in a direction which is so very harsh as to obliterate reason.

Just my two cents.

Reliapundit said...

brits have a right to make sure that britain maintains its british character.

immigrantsa should respect that. my ancestors came to the USA to become Amereicans. america's histiory is mine.

even tho i am al;so a russian Jew.

multi cultualism has made the colonizzation of britain by muslims possible and this should be halted.

and halted in a way that isn't racist. i think this is possible.
if they immigrant ASSIMILATES.

no immigation withiout assimilation.

again: i say this as a very proud Ameican, a very proud Zionist, and someone who is endeavoring to be a good Jew.

I canm be all that and a Russian-American/Jewish-American.

The hyphen is okay as long as the first part doesn;t destriy the second.

we miust maintain opur vaues. and britain should maintain hers.

northern seer said...

I remember the National Front in the early 80's - who later tranformed into the BNP- they were an ugly group of hatemongering beerdrinking white trash.

No culture is static- except a dead one and the best way to preserve a nation's culture is through positive growth not protectionism. And I dont think foreigners have to assimilate but they should adhere to the laws and norms of the land they live in.

Anyway the problem with facist islam wont be solved by rightwing extremist splinter groups.

Punditarian said...

It is very common to see the BNP referred to as a "right wing party."

It is no more right wing than were the anti-capitalist National Socialists.

They are anti-free-market, collectivist, and distributionist. It competes with the left for the working class vote.

It is a common lie of the communist hard-left to attack its competitors, as well as its enemies, as "right wing."

It may be nationalistic and racialistic, but it is not "right wing."

See Lord Tebbit's view, that the BNP favors "central direction of the economy, nationalisation, worker control of businesses, and opposition to capitalism and free trade" here:


Pastorius said...

Where I differ from Reliapundit on this issue is that I believe the BNP is racialist, whereas the Jewish state of Israel is ideological.

I understand, and sympathize with the British people in their struggle to maintain their Britishness. Maybe they ought to try having a lot of unprotected sex, and no abortions.

There's some free market capitalism for you. If the British want England to stay British, then have some children, for God's sake.

Pastorius said...

Always on Watch,

I agree with you that the BNP is a natural party to turn to in the face of the British governments willful blindness to the threat of Islamofascism.

However, those who turn to the BNP are making allies of people who are very much Nazi-like in their stated goals. And, this is the new, more savvy BNP. This is the BNP which has learned to tone down its message.

If they ever attained power, I doubt that message would remain toned down.

I agree with you, AOW, that this is a natural consequence of the governments unwillingness to deal with the problems at hand. In that sense, it is largely the British governments fault that the British people are turning towards a type of fascism.

northern seer said...

The National Front, and now BNP, are Nationalistic skinhead thugs - I dont care if you call them left wing or right wing. I wouldn't get in bed with them even if we have a common enemy.

northern seer said...

BTW you may not like the fact that facists are called right wing ,whne they do in fact share a lot with the extreme left...on the otherhand Americans have been misusing the word Liberal for about 80 years.

Reliapundit said...

i think that this is an exaggerated characterization of the BNP.
i think that sweden should remain swedish, china chinese, america american and britain british.

this is not thuggish.

requiring immigrants to assimilate - reviving the melting pot and discarding the mosaic - is not racist.

Pastorius said...

The BNP is willing to run ads for White Power records and books. In the past, they have also run ads for Prussian Blue, the two little Nazi twins singers who look like Mary-Kate and Ashley.

I'm telling you, Reliapundit, it is very hard to defend the BNP. Keep trying if you want.

Destination_Star said...

If it wasn't for other cultures coming here your food will still kinda taste like crap. Is Britain not the same place that ASKED for migrants to come build up there society, if all other ethnic groups suddenly disappear - then watch the whole of Britain turn into a run-down negative area. If BNP has such a problem with Britain being so unBritish, maybe other countries should stop exporting food, clothes, technology etc.I wonder how that would work out.