Saturday, December 09, 2006


UPDATE: Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte, R.I.P. (Complete round up HERE AT MEMEORANDUM.)

Pincohet is recovering from heart surgery. We wish him a speedy recovery. WHY? Because he saved Chile from Marxist dictatorship. Now, Chile is perhaps the freest and richest and most stable democratic nation in all of South America AS A DIRECT RESULT OF PINOCHET.

The Left reviles Pinochet as a criminal. They say he killed thousands. Perhaps he did. But he did it to save his nation from a socialist dictatorship. And it worked.

The Left loves Castro, though... even though Castro killed tens of thousands, and put hundreds of thousands into prison, as political prisoners, because they wanted to be FREE.

(CAUTION: link has some very tough photos!)

And as a result of Castro's terror, he plunged his nation - which at the time was the second richest nation in the Caribbean region, (second to Jamaica) - into abject poverty. Now, only Haiti is poorer! And NO ONE in Cuba has any human rights: no freedom of religion, of the press, or of speech.

Yet Castro is still the darling of the Left, and Pinochet is still reviled. SHOULD WE BE SURPIRSED? No, the Left supports ANYONE who opposes the USA and traditional Judeo-Christian culture. Hence their support for Castro and the jihadists, an their desire to appease both. And my desire to oppose both the Left everywhere.

Well, Castro is very sick. Perhaps he's dead already; why else would he miss his own birthday party!?!?

If he's alive, then I hope Fidel is SUFFERING GREATLY. And that he dies a horrible death. And that Cuba rises up and overthrows their socialist dictatorship and joins the ranks of great, free and democratic nations. When it does, I am sure that the GREAT Cuban people will once again join the ranks of those who ENJOY not only their innate God-given human rights, but the best standard of living anywhere. CUBA LIBRE!

BTW: When Pinochet took over from Allende (who would have done to Chile what Fidel had done to Cuba, and Mugabe is doing to Zimbabwe) I don't recall seeing ANY Chilean "boat people" risk their lives on home-made rafts in order to flee Chile for Cuba. Heck: EVEN HAITIANS DON'T TRY TO GO TO CUBA. WHY?! Because Cuba is hell - the last stop on the road to serfdom. The sooner Fidel dies the sooner the Cubans come back on the road to freedom.


Reliapundit said...


The former dictator of Chile is now dead at 91:

SANTIAGO, Chile - Gen. Augusto Pinochet, who overthrew Chile's democratically elected Marxist president in a bloody coup and ruled this Andean nation for 17 years, died Sunday, dashing hopes among many that he would see justice for his regime's abuses. He was 91.

Dr. Juan Ignacio Vergara, spokesman for the medical team that had been treating Pinochet, said relatives where by his side when he died at Santiago Military Hospital, where he had been treated for a heart attack suffered on Dec. 3.

Hundreds of supporters of the former dictator, some weeping, gathered in front of the hospital chanting "Pinochet! Pinochet! Long Live Pinochet!"

Anti-Pinochet motorists shouted insults at them and celebrations broke out in several parts of the Chilean capital.

Hugo Gutierrez, a human rights lawyer involved in several lawsuits against Pinochet, lamented that "this criminal has departed without ever being sentenced for all the acts he was responsible for during his dictatorship."

Lorena Pizarro, president of an association of relatives of the dictatorship's victims, noted ironically that Pinochet had died "on Dec. 10, the international day of human rights."

Every bad dictator who dies is one less to worry about, I'd say. -AVI GREEN

Punditarian said...


With all due respect, your comment is out of order.

At the time of his death, General Pinochet was not the dictator of any country.

In terms of worrying about "bad dictators," he was nothing to worry about.

History will judge his record. The official agreed upon death toll from his war on leftists who wanted to turn Chile into another North Korea, Cambodia, or Zimbabwe was less than 3,000.

No leftist dictatorship in history comes within a million rhetorical miles of being that bloodless.

As dictators go, General Pincochet was pretty damned good.


Your pal in astuteness,