Tuesday, December 26, 2006


The Left believes that the military is overwhelmingly poor and under-educated (a factually FALSE claim repeatedly made by Charles Rangel, among others).

The Left believes that the biggest reason most people join the military is that they are under-educated and can't find a good job in the Bush economy - because the Bush economy is horribly bad; (ALSO FACTUALLY FALSE - AND HAS BEEN FOR YEARS).

Phenomenal US economic growth - AND CONSUMPTION - helped the entire world economy. FACT (Clinton Sec Treas Summers):
"...the world economy in aggregate grew more during the last five years than in any five-year period since World War II."
So... if the Lefties REALLY believe that the economy is bad and that wages are too low and that this is forcing people to join the military then why don't Lefties favor severely curtailing legal immigration and ENDING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION altogether by building a wall on our border with Mexico?!

These two policies would create a huge labor shortage, which would, in turn, drive wages up and lure these under-educated people away from the military. This would hobble the military's recruiting, and force the Pentagon to request a return to the draft, and it would drive up wages - two goals the Left claims are central to their platform. IOW: It seems to me that Leftie Doves should be immigration hawks.

I think they don't pursue these policies because they run counter to their deeper agenda, (their post modernist agenda - THEIR GRAMSCIAN AGENDA), which is an agneda designed to permenantly hobble the USA and weaken the West.

Toward that end, they want the USA to be less Anglo-American, and unfettered immigration - coupled with multiculturalism which doesn't demand assimilation - helps mightily to achieve that end.

And it's also because they want to use the immigrants as a voting bloc - as they have for a century. Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall are alive and well.

The more they let in, the more potential voters they think they'll be able co-opt. Like most elitist power-seeking groups, the Left - the Democrat Party - places achieving power for themselves above policy consistency and policy goals.

Proving once again that they are a cynical bunch of hypocritical demagogues. They seek to exploit race and class differences - and even faith in God - ONLY to achieve power. Even if it weakens our national defenses - as a draft would.

In a nutshell: the Democrat Party is controlled by two forces: one Gramscian and post modernist; the other Tammany-esque and all about partisanship, patronage and exploiting class and race differences, and this part is as old as the party itself. Both of these forces are bad for America - and therefore bad for the Free World.

[NOTE: I call them the post modern Left to distinguish them from the the Old Left - (the idealistic dupes of the 1930's), and the New Left - (the "anti-war" dupes of the 1960's), and to highlight the centrality of their moral and cultural relativism and their anti-Western attitudes.

Though post modernism began in the ashes of WW1, (which seemed for many - especially the so called intelligentsia who controlled the academy and the bureaucracy - to be such a collossal waste that it led them to hate the West and everything Western), it didn't get control of the Left until China abandoned Marxism and the USSR collapsed.

Faced with the utter failure of their economics-driven ideology in the economic sphere, the Left whole-heartedly enlisted in a culturally-drive war against the bourgeoisie - which Gramsci had agitated for and which had been present in "bohemian" Leftism before the 1990's but which hadn't yet dominated it. Now Gramscian ideologues dominate the Left and the Democrat Party.]

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