Sunday, December 31, 2006


My wife - who was born and lived the first nine years of her life in a third-world, Muslim infested, hellhole called Mindanao, Phillipines - proposed an interesting idea today. I was telling her that, while Europeans always comment on the fact that Americans don't know history (and, they don't, for the most part), it is astounding to me that Europeans seem to have no recollection of their own history with Islam.

Repeatedly, throughout history, Europe has been invaded by Muslims (Moors) who have attempted to do exactly what they are doing today, establish Sharia law and a Muslims state to rule over the Infidels. Repeatedly, Europe has had to do battle with those Moors, and in several cases throw them the hell out of their countries.

The history of the encounter between Islam and Europe is long and brutal, with no positive fruits to speak of. And yet, the Europeans act as if allowing millions of Muslims to flood into their countries (and establish Muslim neighborhoods which then become "no-go zones" for the police) does not pose any danger whatsoever to their way of life.

I told my wife that the blogger Fjordman theorizes that the future of Europe will be a return to the Medieval world, where strong nation-states will be replaced by townships with localized armies of citizens protecting, possibly, walled cities. I asked how it is that Europe doesn't see the danger, doesn't recognize this slow drift into a new dark age.

My wife responded that it might not, at all, be that they don't recognize it, but instead, that they don't fear such a world the way we do in America. They don't fear it because it is the world they come from. It is the familiar world of their history, and so, it doesn't seem so unthinkable.

Instead, she said, there may be many Europeans who harbor romantic notions about the good old days, the pastoral life, the visceral reality of a life of small community, banded together against the brutal outside world.

She said that such a life has no part in the dreams of Americans because we have always been about hopes, dreams, and ideas, about building towards a better future, whereas, Europe is more about clans, tierra, and a sense of place.

I have to wonder if, perhaps, my wife is correct, and Europeans really do see the coming of a new dark age as a return to the good old days. Perhaps, what we perceive as the roar of an onrushing Islamofascist monster out to destroy our modernity, Europe hears as a medieval siren song, and swoons, sucked down under into the beautiful dream of their past.


Reliapundit said...

1) see the post below, pasto - not all euros are surrendering; some are rediscovering their christian root and yet become crusaders once more.

2) maybe a lot of euros are masochists.

3) all the euros who valued liberty more than tiera left, leaving behind mostly those who would rather stay put and cower beneath the jackboot of nazis, commies and muzzies.

cowards and the children of cowards.

cowardice is deep in their blood; their genes - that is OF THOSE WHO STAYED.

thus the bifurcation of euro-america: we got the individualists yearning to be free, willing to give up hometowns, language, customary things, etc.

euroland got stuck with the cowards.

nevertheless, the gene for liberty is in EVERYONE, justvery recessively in euros.

so i think it's all a matter of whoi kicks their asses better: us or the muzzies.

Pastorius said...

Heh. Well put.

peter said...

Dear Pastorius, you must listen to wife A LOT MORE. Happy new year. Do not however take a single word that total fuckwit reliapundit has to say seriously from now on.EVER.


An apparently craven coward who would rather stay put and live under the jackboot of nazis commies and muzzies, LIKE MY ANCESTORS (thats what the man said) Well put indeed-dont make me laugh.

Reliapundit said...

hi peter the pussy from the uk - welcome back - for more!

FACT: nothing i wrote is wrong.

the downtrodden of europe who were sick of being downtrodden left.

those who were okay with being downtrodden stayed.

hence the fact that today eurpoe is so so so so SO dominated by pinko wussies - like you.

happy new year!