Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Al Gore: Iraq War Is Worst Mistake In US History

Yes, that's right, Al Gore opened his mouth and this waft of flatulence emanated:

"The worst strategic mistake in the entire history of the United States."

Two points here:
1) Allowing slavery was the worst strategic mistake in the history of the United States.

2) Al Gore has said, on numerous occasions, that Global Warming is the biggest threat we face, and Al Gore has also faulted the Bush Administration for it's refusal to deal with Global Warming. Thing is, if Global Warming is really as big a threat as Al Gore insists it is, then, it stands to reason that Bush Administration policy with regard to Global Warming, for instance, the refusal to sign the Kyoto Protocols, would be "the worst strategic mistake in the entire history of the United States."
Right? Oh yes, I'm sorry, my biggest strategic mistake here is actually expecting anything that come out of Gore' s mouth to make any logical sense.

Reliapundit adds:

I think that the failure to remove Saddam in 1991 was a bigger mistake.

And also the lack of any meaningful response by Clinton/Gore to the 1993 WTC attack - (coincidentally on the anniversary of Saddam's signing of his surrender for the Gulf War to the USA). Also worse than the Iraq War: the lack of any meaningful response to the Khobar Towers attack; or the USS Cole attack; or the attack on our embassies in Africa; and our hasty retreat from Somalia - all lapses by Clinton/Gore. These lapses directly lead to 9/11 - at least according to Binladen

But the biggest USA foreign policy mistake of all time was Yalta; (I have a little more to say about Yalta in the comments - but what happened at Yalta - and why - is probably deserving of its own long, link-filled post).


Reliapundit said...

the biggest mistake was made by fdr at yalta: he let stalin take half of weurope.

instead of listening to al;ger hiss - who organized the conferebce and tuens out to huyave been an agent of stalin's - fdr should have listened to churchill and kept stalin out of europe.

if we had, then all REPEAT ALL the problem we now face would never have occurred.

arafat was created by the kgb. the arms race would havenever occurred. the entire cold war would've never happened. the korean war wouldn;t have occurred. the vietnam war would have never happened. afghanistan wouldn;t have been invaded, and the mujahadeen never born - and the later taliban never born wither. we wouldn't have needed to coddle pakistan or an other nasty regimes anywhere. i could go pon.

this was a true HUGE blunder. fdr listened to his state department and his army - both riddled with soviet spies - and the conference was run by stalin's agent.

iraq was a noble cause. not an error. retreating will be the error.

Pastorius said...

I can see your point on Yalta. Thanks.