Wednesday, November 08, 2006


The voting public is made up of many segments. Some are extreme - Left or Right. Some are Moderate "free-rangers" who pick'n choose from among many issues and both parties. Some only pay attention just before an election, and some - many if not most - don't care and don't vote.

The extremes and the free-rangers are nearly equally engaged and informed. Most by watching TV and reading their local newspapers and reading national magazines and also by reading news online and in the blogosphere. These are the activists and political junkies. Most of these voters have a dang good idea of who they'll vote for, and why. For or against. I think/guess they make up about 95% of those who vote. And these days, there are just about the same number of them in the GOP as in the Dems.

But the other 5% of the electorate is made up of people who have no party allegiance, and who aren't politically active all the time, and who only pay attention to the MSM. THESE ARE THE FICKLE 5%.

The lies and propaganda of the MSM GREATLY effects these voters. Polls show that these voters came to believe that our economy is not very good, and that we're losing in Iraq because that's the propaganda they got 24/7 from the MSM. The GOP machine and the POTUS and talk-radio and the blogosphere FAILED to connect with these voters; we failed to reach them and deprogram them. So they voted for the Dems. (When these voters are added to the Dems and when you subtract the disgruntled GOP'ers - who either stayed home or actually voted Dems - in protest, then you begin to see the crux of the problem.)

When we find a way to reach these voters, the Left-wing dominated MSM will have been made impotent. This is crucial because without the Left-wing MSM the Dems and the Left cannot win any elections anywhere. This is important because in order to defeat the jihadist enemy abroad, we must defeat the Leftists at home.

The Dem Leftists in Congress will now begin to attempt to dismantle our defenses, abandon our allies, appease our enemies, and raise our taxes and socialize industries, like healthcare. WHY AM I SO SURE!? They have always tried to do so in the past.

To win in '08, we must find ways to reach these less-engaged and undecided voters.

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HawkishLibertarian said...

What to do now…….

I am not an editor or a writer or a politician…. But an American.

The election’s over, we need to get over it too and get on with the business at hand.

Once again John Podhoretz is right on top of things.

You need to speak with your colleague, Ralph Peters. All of us agree that we need to ramp up the war and that it should have been done long ago.

But of late, Ralph has become suspect in his previously stalwart judgment. In principal he is right you can’t do war on the cheap or you’ll pay with interest in blood. But the issue isn’t troops.
It’s PC or the version of PC that is being played out in the conduct of this war.
Ralph is migrating to the McCain camp that is also cause to suspect his judgment. McCain is an a calculating ambitious politician, a little less scary than Hillary.

More importantly, now the President is free to focus solely on the war for the next two years and to improve our position as much as possible, set the direction for his successor and to prove beyond any doubt or media claim to the contrary that we are, in fact, winning.

Stay the course is a good slogan; but, applied to the wrong subject. It can be applied to the economy.
Bush can reaffirm to stay the course on the economy and to focus on the war.

What can patriotic Americans do?
1. In WWII, there were all kinds of domestic programs to support the war effort, bond drives led by patriotic Hollywood stars, women factory workers, victory gardens, etc. We need to revive that spirit. To some extent it is all the programs to support vets and servicepeople. 911 programs. We need to raise the profile and to provide an outlet for the American people to show our enemies that we are not as weak and divided as they wish us to seem.
2. In WWI we vilified the enemy in too many ways to describe. We need to demonize the enemy now, or we will have to do it later. There is no difference in them now or later. The only thing that will change is us.
3. The “patriotic” media people need to be more selfless. There are now many voices on the net and in print and cable networks which are not part of the 5th column, CBS, NBC, ABC, NYT, CNN, etc. And the audience is growing. In the past election, the GOP lost, America won. (i) we showed tremendous grace, no violence and even paid lipservice to reconciliation. (ii) in a way, the Dems foisted a potential fraud on the voters. They put forth a slate of conservative Dems targeted to unseat wimpy Rinos and succeeded. Meanwhile the leaders are mostly extreme leftists. But if those leaders wish to stay in power, they will either need to bend to the will of the people (pro war, fiscal and social conservatives) or there will be an even bigger backlash against them in the next even bigger election cycle, (iii) Lieberman holds the swing vote in the Senate, the Rino from RI was retired (see previous).
4. The “patriotic” media needs to support good ideas not who thought them up. Excellent themes need to be communicated to a broader audience of receptive Americans, and our people need to support each other to be united to win this war. What I mean is that certain thinkers and communicators need to feed off each other and to expand and explain the ideas of why we are at war, what are the stakes, and how we stiffen our spine as Americans to unite the country and to expose and marginalize the enemies at home. This is among the highest priorities now and the Dems have given us the opening.
5. More precisely, people like Thomas Sowell, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Daniel Pipes, Amir Taheri, http://www.ejectejecteject.com/archives/000136.html (in case you haven’t read), bloggers like Atlas, Hugh Hewitt, Mark Steyn, John Podhoretz, and a host of others all have IDEAS to contribute. There is no harm in hoisting ourselves on the shoulders of those ideas to focus on and decide upon the few best and then to POUND THEM, until the rest of the Americans get it. That is the way to overcome the Fifth Column Media and the left elite. It’s not enough to just follow the others and read them for ourselves; we need to build momentum. THIS IS , PERHAPS, THE MOST IMPORTANT FRONT IN THE WAR-AND THE PLACE WHERE WE WIN OR LOSE. THE BATTLEFIELD IS NOT IN QUESTION. LET’S WAKE UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. THAT’S THE REAL LESSON OF VIET NAM!
6. liberalism/Political Correctness is the strongest ally of our enemy. Thomas Sowell and Ann Coulter get it. But Ann Coulter is vilified and demonized and marginalized in the mainstream. Only the choir understands. Thomas Sowell has identified what the Dems have done. They have smartly recognized that America is not Liberal. Only in the NY/Wash/LA/SF/Boston areas can Libs fly as candidates as themselves. The way the Dems got back into power was by being to the right of the Rinos. If they swing back to the left to govern, they will be tossed out. They should know that and it’s up to us to report on it.
7. Political Correctness is the problem with the war and the media at home. Most of America is anti-political correctness but not strongly enough. Therefore, PC gradually seeps around and gradually spreads its poison and that is what is happening.
8. Beginning now, we should focus on only 2 or 3 themes for the next 2 years. (i) We need to heat up the war, in other words FIGHT, KILL THE ENEMY, not allow them to kill us, (ii) STAY THE COURSE on the economy, that means KEEP and EXTEND the TAX CUTS and continue to DEVELOP ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SOURCES, and (iii) DEMONIZE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and its sponsor LIBERALISM as much and as effectively as we can. Support those who get it and stand together, all.