Thursday, November 09, 2006


The trial of Said Mansour began yesterday in Denmark. He is accused of promoting terrorism by publishing and distributing enourmous amounts of material - cd's, dvd's, tapes, papers, etc... that support violent jihad against the West. Some of this material was found among the belongings of a man convicted and sentenced to 27 years in Spain for starting an al Qaeda cell; and in Italy among the belongings of an Iman convicted for planning an attack on the Milan metro; and in Germany, where they were found among the belongings of a member of the 9/11 Hamburg cell!
Mansour arrived in Court wearing an orange T- shirt with Guantanamo printed on it - and pleaded not guilty. (Instead of a trial why not send him there instead?)
The defense lawyer Peter Hjorne has made some fantastic statements: "In denmark you are permitted to have your own political viewpoints...this material may seem offensive but it is religious material...they are citations of the Koran". (Ironic how this defense is coherent with the broad criticism that Islam is not a religion of peace!) Hjorne also complained that the proscecution was planning to call a shia muslim to testify against Mansour, who is Sunni: Horne stated: "It's like calling a Nazi to testify against a jew during WWII".
Hjorne could have said 'its like having a jew testify against a Nazi during WWII' but that wouldn't have the same impact - would it? Or does he really believe shias are Nazi's?

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