Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Pope Benedict has reversed himself on Turkey's entrance to the EU; NYTIMES:
Pope Benedict XVI came to Turkey on Tuesday carrying a surprise gesture of goodwill aimed at blunting Muslim anger toward him: he blessed Turkey’s long-stalled desire to join the European Union, reversing his position of two years ago.
This is dhimmitude, pure and simple and tantamount to surrendering. So, it seems to me that only Sarkozy stands between a Western and modern Europe and a post-modern Europe overrun by Muslims, (and he may lose to Segolene Royal).

This time, the Muslim horde will just emigrate and colonize Europe instead of assaulting Europe with war and terror - as it did the past. Soon - in our lifetimes - all of Europe might very well resemble the banlieues of Paris. Notre Dame might go the way of the Hagia Sophia - and become a mosque, and Paris ... Paristanbul. Islam is already the most widely practiced religion in much of atheistic, post-modern Europe. This will only increase after Turkey's admission to the EU, when Turks have free reign to resetlle ANYWHERE in the EU.

French presidential hopeful Nicolas Sarkozy said Turkey's entry into the European Union would "be the end of political Europe" and suggested it would worsen the "problem" of Muslim integration in the continent, in an interview to be published Thursday.

"It would be the end of political Europe" if Turkey joined the European bloc, Sarkozy, France's interior minister, told the magazine Le Meilleur des Mondes, calling instead for a "privileged partnership" with the EU's southeastern neighbour. ... "We have a problem of integration of Muslims which raises the issue of Islam in Europe. To say it is not a problem is to hide from reality. If you let 100 million Turkish Muslims come in, what will come of it?" the magazine quoted him as saying.

The minister, who heads the ruling right-wing UMP party and has declared he will run for president in next year's elections, also expressed concern that shifting Europe's border southeast would bring it closer to violent conflicts in the region.

"Turkey is in Asia Minor... I will not explain to little French school children that the frontiers of Europe are Iraq and Syria," Sarkozy said, naming two of Turkey's southeastern neighbours.
Bravo! Obviously, this man knows his geography, his history, AND his current events! BRAVO! I wish the Pope was as courageous as Sarkozy.

(ASIDE: Fallaci - may she Rest In Peace - was an atheist who had faith in Ratzinger/Benedict; I hope she was right and I am wrong about him!)


northern seer said...

Hey - I heard the Pope said he will not meddle with political affairs...and the separation of mosque and state is key to true democracy. I'm not sure the Pope intends to back down from criticism of Caliphate Nostalgic Islamic Fundamentalist. The eventual entry of Turkey into the EU is a double edged sword - I'm not sure which way it will cut.

Gandalin said...

Turkey is never going to be admitted to the EU.

The Pope knows that.

Erdogan knows that.

Prolonging the EU-Turkey negotiations is a game that both sides are playing for their own and also mutual interests.

So when the Pope advocates Turkey's admission to the EU, he's just throwing a bone to Erdogan, to reward him for coming to the airport.

The Pope's trip is not about Turkey at all, and it isn't really about Islam, either. He's in Turkey to visit with the Patriarchate of Constantinople, and work on the Orthodox-Roman Catholic schism.

His comments about the EU will defuse the Turkish government's anti-Vatican line, and doesn't really detract from the Pope's line on Islam at all.

At least that's the way I see it.