Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I disagree with the hopeful AUSITN BAY that the Gates appointment might signal a more vociferous stance in the GWOT. In fact, I see Rumsfeld's resignation and the mid-war/mid-term defeat for the GOP as additional instances of the West retreating in the face of the resolve of the enemy - as examples of appeasement. It's as if we are in an age of appeasement. Here's my list of worldwide appeasement:
  • Thailand just had a coup, in part so that they could APPEASE the jihadists in the south of Thailand - jihadists who have slaughtered 1700 non-Muslim Thai's since 2004.
  • India has done NOTHING - as in NADA, BUPKUS, ZILCH - since finding evidence of Paksitan's complicity on the recent terror attacks there.
  • NATO and the Afghan government have failed to eradicate the Taliban.
  • Pakistan has ceased attempting to gain government control of Waziristan.
  • North Korea has tested a nuke - and the West can't agree on any action.Iran is violating every rule of the IAEA as it steadily moves toward becoming a nuclear armed rogue nation, too - and the West cannot agree on any strategy.
  • Syria and Iran assassinate Hariri, and illegally arm Hizballah (in violation of UNSCR#1559) and try to overthrow the elected government of Lebanon - and the world does nothing - (except STOP Israel's attempt to neutralize their presence in Lebanon, thus SAVING Hizballah).
  • Israel allows elections in the so-called occupied territories, and allows a jihadterrorist group on the ballot, and withdraws from Gaza, and is then met with constant rocket attacks. When they retaliate for these rocket attacks - and the kidnapping of its citizens, the world stops them before they can deliver a coup de grace.
  • France suffers a permanent intifada and responds by promising more aid to the rioters and even erects a statue to 2 of them!
  • Spain elects a socialist after the Atocha bombings.
  • Blair is forced from leadership.
  • The GOP suffers the loss of Congress in the mid-term.
    ALL OF THESE ACTIONS ARE - IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER - WITHDRAWALS, RETREATS AND APPEASEMENTS. It's as if we are in an age or retreat. The urge to retreat is pretty basic. Retreat doesn't have to be taught; IT'S A NATURAL IMPULSE. Standing and fighting is what has to be taught. And it helps, if you have something you feel is worth defending. Because today's Left is post modernist, they don't feel that the West has anything worth defending by going to war, and this is why we are in trouble. The Left says - in effect - the jihadists are not so bad, and the anti-jihad wingnuts are worse than you believe; therefore elect us and it'll all go away; the enemy won't bother us once the Bushies are gone.

    And because many MANY people are tired of the GWOT - and take their liberty and lives for granted- and most love peace, theY wishfully trust the Left-wing appeasers. This is nothing new. Remember, Chamberlain was hailed as a hero and greeted by throngs of people when he returned from Munich with "PEACE IN OUR TIME!" He was greeted this way because people love peace. And they think it can be purchased cheaply. It cannot. Peace must be won - and defended. I hope that the USa and the UK and Israel and India and Thailand and the EU WAKE UP - and I pray that it doesn't take another horrific attack to wake them up.

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