Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I'm all for freedom of religion, and having the state allow all people to worship all faiths - in private. And if the Queen of England wants to have a MUSLIM PRAYER ROOM in Buckingham Palace AND Windsor Castle - as a token of respect for her Muslim subjects (MORE HERE) - this is just swell... EXCEPT THAT NO SUCH DEAL IS POSSIBLE IN THE SAUDI KINGDOM, or any other Muslim nation, really.

Without reciprocity, all these prayer rooms - and the Muslim Imam meetings Bush has had - are simply expressions of dhimmitude, and that means these acts are essentially rewarding islamothuggery and extortion - which of course only encourages more thuggery and extortion form Muslims.

When Jews and Christians are free to worship WITHOUT FEAR in the Saudi Kingdom - and elsewhere in the Muslim world, then and only then should we be extending special priveleges and special recognition in places like the Windsor Castle or the White House to Islam here in the West. We are at war with Islamoterrorists - it's a real war, and not a PR war. We need to be more demanding of our Islamic allies. On all fronts: we should be demanding thaat they allow religious freedom and that they shutdown mosques and madrassas which preach islamoterror.

Bush has been way too soft on these allies (especially Saudi Arabia and Pakistan) - just as he has been way too soft in the theater of war, (by not using our complete arsenal against the enemy, and by not wiping out the enemy when he had the chance: he let al Sadr get away a few times; he has let Assad wiggle away; he let Hizballah off the hook; he should have nuked Torabora when the CIA agents on the ground were demanding more firepower and the best we could come up with was a 5000lb bomb!).

I wish there was a REAL HAWK in the White House - someone like FDR or Truman, two men who never held back and relentlessly sought to destroy the enemy and smash them into accepting unconditional surrender. The sad thing is: there don't seem to be politicians like them around anymore... to our peril.


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I linked to your article from Converting to Islam - The Big Lie

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