Monday, October 09, 2006


POWER LINE HAS THE GOODS ON JAMES BAKER. Bottom-line: Baker was no Reaganite Secretary of State under GHWB; in fact, Baker epitomizes everything which was bad and wrong with US foreign policy before 9/11.

UPDATE: Birds of a Feather... part 23

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Gormless Norman said...

Exactly. Baker was a pure "stability" guy: who cares whether our actions are good or bad, or lead to vast suffering throughout the world, as long as nations are propped up by dictators we can control. Leaving Sadaam in place (putting him there in the first place aslo) was profoundly immoral, and led to massive death in Iraq. But it gave us "stability." Madeline Albright was another stability person: when she was confronted with the fact that 500,000 Iraqis died of starvation through Sadaam's manipulation of the sanctions regime, she shrugged it off and said that our Iraq policy in the '90s was correct.

The thing lefty idiots don't recognize is this: the Bush doctrine, or the neocon regime change doctrine, is a 180 degree departure from this. According to this policy, to be our friend you have to be good; and, this is the case even if it costs us. In the long term this policy should earn our goodwill, if we adhere to it (which it appears we shall not do), and moreover it's simply the right thing in itself, whether it's in our self-interest or not. But lefties in all their idiocy have no qualms about criticising the Iraq invasion in one breath, and in the next breath criticising our support of Sadaam in the '90s. Hello, dummies, it's 2 completely opposite policies, and the one we've taken on now is the morally correct one! Baker is a step back to the incorrect policy. Bush has truly lost his bearings if he starts listening to this man.