Friday, October 13, 2006

Is North Korea China's "Terrorist Proxy"?

I'm a little under the weather today, so I'm going to rely completely on the writings of another blogger to make my point. From David, at Atlas Shrugs:
North Korea is to China and Russia, as Hezballah/Hamas is to Iran and Syria. With Israel being the target through manipulative methods of Iran and Syria. The de-nuclearization and removal of American troops from South Korea is China and Russia’s target.

The diplomatic game is being played instead of black and white being pointed out. The world and the Liberal left wanted us to go to the UN for Iraq. We did, when we did not have to or should have, but we get no appreciation from the world or the Left for doing that. We go to the UN over North Korea and the world, the Left and even Kofi Annan says ‘go talk to North Korea’, don’t go to the UN. What is not being said on the world stage is China, Russia, and North Korea want the American problem to go away i.e. troops, bases, and American nukes on the Korean Penisula.

All of the nations at play, the UN, the Left and the media paint this as an American problem of not supplying North Korea with food and oil. Any nation can do that, that is why it is not a food or oil issue. When a nation wants to be an enemy of the US then they pull the UN card of diplomacy and protection. When the US pulls the UN card of diplomacy and participation we are told ‘sorry, we don’t accept that card’. The UN has become a tool of diplomacy against us, but that is another story. China and Russia need to be called on the carpet and the US needs to point out their involvement. We ignored Iran and Syria’s use of Hezballah and Hamas for years and now we finally point it out. It is time to point out China and Russia’s membership and participation in this manipulation.

After North Korea tested their bombs China was so quick to say ‘we support strong sanctions against North Korea’. We heard this in the MSM for three days. Then it was time for China and Russia to put rubber to the road ...

... and, and, and, we'll just see what China and Russia do. In fact, supposedly, we'll be seeing the vote tomorrow. What do you think will happen?


Reliapundit said...

i think proxie is too strong a word in this case.

china is not in favor of a nuclear noko.
why!? because this will lead to a re-armed soko and a newly armed japan.
china is big and strong not big and strong enough to face the usa, soko and japan. and they know this.

china does not want a nuked armed japan.

this is mstly a case of russia and china playing the game that france and germany played with saddam: trying toi use the situation, to exploit it for their own narrow gains, at the sacrifice of the world's security.

as i have noted/commented b4: the usa and soko and japan have a lot - REPEAT A LOT - more in common than we do with china and russia.

our differences with them on noko nukes is related to tese deep diffeences and conlficts/competitions.

china liked the fact that pakistan got the bomb. but not noko.

and let's not lose sight of the fact that iran and their REAL factual literal proxeis are a much graver threat to us and our armed forced RIGHT NOW: iran is behind the deaths REPEAT DEATHS of US troops and the troops of Israel and our other allies.

we must not be distracted by kim and the noko nutsies. we need to focus on the islamonazis.

Pastorius said...

I think Kim is a big problem, RP. He may sell nukes to Iran and Hamas.

I think you are correct in saying that China is playing the same game France played with Saddam. They are attempting to triangulate power. And, they are using NoKo as their proxy to beat us.

The proof will be in the pudding. Will China vote for sanctions? If they do, then we know they don't want NoKo to have a bomb. If they don't, then we ought to learn from that fact.

China could easily obliterate NoKo, if they wanted to. People are always saying China doesn't have trouble with their Muslims because China won't take any crap. Well, why isn't that true of China and NoKo?

Reliapundit said...

china has a muzzzie prob: the uighurs in the west. and china does have periodic revolts throughout the country, too.

also: china cannot directly control kim, nor does it want another 50 million impoverished people on it's own breadlines.

they can do more.

i expect they will now.

as you say: we will soon find out.

and clarity is good.