Monday, September 18, 2006



This was the case for the Pilgrims in the 17th C, and for the Jews in the 19th and 20th C - and for many in between.

It's happening again - but this time the religious bigots are islamic, aided and abetted by Leftist appeasers. First Ayaan Ali Hirsi fled Europe. Now, Theo Van Gogh's only son is under serious threat. Will he be forced to flee, too?

If those who speak out against islamofascism are all targeted, and then flee, all that will SOON be left in Europe will be the Muslims and their cowering, apologizing dhimmis, (like Benedict, it sadly seems).

UPDATE: proof of an economically motivated emigration boom beginning HERE. VIA DISSECTING LEFTISM.

Many are already fleeing Europe's high taxes - brought on by the Left. Soon many more may flee dhimmitude, also brought on by the Left.

More HERE and HERE - on the confluence of dhimmitude and taxes of the Left in France.


peter said...
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Reliapundit said...

peter's comment was deleted because he is a troll. it was purely a personal attack, devoid of any factual argument.

whereas i attack him with facts. and then an epithet!

assholes like him can stay in a dhimmi UK as far as i am concerned.

for a taste of his ignorant idiotarian views, pleasse check out his comment/question on my containment post. IT'S A DOOZY! it proves he didn't even bother to check the links. and it proves he doesn't know diddly squat about recent history.

i do: directly - as i am over 50 and lived through recent history - as a leftist, no less! and i studied a great deal of it in grad school - earning a MA from a top 50 university in a major USA city. a leftist dominated department in that university, too.

i suspect this brit pete is a recent gaduate of the leftist academy there (the one still ruin by the likes of the Soviet spies who ran them in the 50's); he's been brainwashed in post-modernist moral relativism and hatred for the USA. like so many here.

pete: check out frontpage.

churchill is spinning in his grave.

Pastorius said...

I think you might be going a little far in calling Benedict a dhimmi. But then, we shall see. Watch his next moves.

His moral bank account is pretty damned high, in my opinion.

Daan said...

This message about Holland is completely false. Hirsi Ali was not ousted by left-wingers, but by extreme right-wingers, who want Holland to be white. The minister of 'Integration', Verdonk, wanted to oust Hirsi Ali, because she made a mistake in here aplication form to be accepted into the Netherlands. Verdonk has lost her powerful position within her political party, though.

The son of Theo van Gogh is being threatened, indeed. But what can we do about it? Half of the population of Amsterdam is muslim at the moment. In the 1970s and 1980s, we didn't know what would happen in the 21st century, so we couldn't expect these muslims to become islamic fundamentalists. Europe has poor Arabs living on the southern frontiers instead of poor Mexicans.

The muslim problem is slving itself at the moment. Muslims hardly can't find any jobs in Holland and many of them are migrating back to their home countries. Dutch politics tries to turn the tide, because we need young people to take care of the older generations. Our war on terror is over. If that is being left than you are extremely right-wing. Your kind is being excluded by the political elite of the Netherlands, supported by an overwhelming majority of the population. Your war on terror has costed hundred billions of dollars. In the future Europe will probably be richer then the USA thanks to extremists like you.

peter said...

may i take this opportunity to apologise for calling you clinically insane and a paranoid delusional fantasist.
However, to suggest that Chirac is lining up to retire to iran to avoid pending criminal charges is ridiculous since:

a) he believes in pluralist democracy
b) likes to drink alcohol
c) is a pragmatist and is opposed to all forms of fundamentalism
d)cannot help putting his foot in mouth every time he speaks and would not stay out of prison long in a theocratic state
e)would almost certainly be given a suspended prison sentence if and when corruption charges are brought (like so many other french politicians involved in the same scandal).

In addition, to suggest that millions of Europeans are about to head for the USA to escape being overrun by fundamentalist muslim hordes is patently absurd.(higher personal taxation/greater expenditure on various welfare programmes /generally social democratic mixed economy situation-this has been true for decades and the continent hasnt been totally depopulated as a result).

Reliapundit said...

peter: chirac is corrupt. he will go to jail - or exile. or get immunity from sarkozy. but that is besides the point, and him goping to iran is a little joke, of course because anybody and everybody can tell it is absurd and a joke.
everyone but you.

anyway,the TRULY sick part is that chirac has taken sanctions off the table. and before that a military option. so what is left !?

harshly worded letters. which is empty BS.

as i believe that a nuclear islamofascist tyranny is a grave threat to the Free World, i believe chirac has made USA preemption INEVITABLE.

he is corrupt scum, triagulating for france's and his own profit.

Reliapundit said...

"People say things aren't getting better in Germany, and nothing's going to change any time soon,'' said historian Simone Eick, director of the German Emigration Center in the northern port city of Bremerhaven. Indeed, ``some indicators suggest that this may be the start of mass emigration."