Sunday, September 24, 2006


YUP: BLAMING THE IRAQ WAR FOR INCREASING JIHADOTERROR IS LIKE BLAMING THE POPE'S SPEECH FOR THE RIOTS WHICH FOLLOWED IT. This iditoic approach absolves the enemy of their part, their choices, their guilt. As I have written before: We can NEVER be held responsible for what the jihadoterrorists do.

The fact is, that it was al Qaeda that decided to make Iraq a central front in their Global Jihad, not the USA or the Iraqis. Remember: the Bali bombing was BEFORE the Iraq War even started. As were many MANY other international jihadoterrorist attacks.
Like.... er um: 9/11.

But we should NOT be surpirsed that this attack on Bush is being made by the CIA: they've been attacking him since the start of the war; the Plame-Wilson Affair was just one of their efforts - an attempt at a virtual coup d'etat against Bush.

The anti-war crowd always blames America first. Unless they can blame the Pope or Israel.

This crowd is made up of a bunch of post-modern elitists who are fundamentally anti-West. Folks like Kerry's father - a life-long State Department official who wrote a book in which he argued a diminshed USA would be good for the world. QUOTE:
The Star-Spangled Mirror [Richard Kerry's book] is a critique of moralism in America's foreign policy -- and, more than that, it is a critique of America's national character.

"Americans," he writes, "are inclined to see the world and foreign affairs in black and white." They celebrate their own form of government and denigrate all others, making them guilty of what he calls "ethnocentric accommodation -- everyone ought to be like us." As a result, America has committed the "fatal error" of "propagating democracy" and fallen prey to "the siren's song of promoting human rights," falsely assuming that our values and institutions are a good fit in the Third World. And, just as Americans exaggerate their own goodness, they exaggerate their enemies' badness.

The Soviet Union wasn't nearly as imperialistic as American politicians warned, [Richard] Kerry argues. "Seeing the Soviet Union as the aggressor in every instance, and the U.S. as only reacting defensively, relieves an American observer from the need to see any parallel between our use of military power in distant parts of the world, and the Soviet use of military power outside the Soviet Union," he writes.
Just as Kerry's father, Richard, APOLOGIZED for the USSR and ATTACKED the USA, so too now do they APOLOGIZE for JIHADOTERRORISTS and attack Bush.

WHY IS THIS SO?! The CIA and the State Department are still dominated by post-modern Leftists and anti-Semitic
status quoists like Kerry's father.

This report is merely another attempt by these status quoists to topple Bush, and demolish his policies. IT WON'T WORK. WHY?!
Patriotic Americans don't retreat. We have only just begun to fight.


Pastorius said...

What year was that written?

That is such an incredibly racist piece of writing. It's like it came out of the 19th century.

Reliapundit said...

kerry's father wrote that book in 1990.

like lamiont's uncle. hkerry's father was committed post modernist elitist anti-american status quoist with leftist leanings, if not outrright leftist values.

they noth defended the ussr and cuba etc. and attacked the usa/usa "hegenony - just like chavez and ahmadinejad and galloway and sheehan et al...

it is also a view which dominates the state dept. and the cia.

i will need an email address for you to set up the group blog. have pam send it. i'll aske her too.

confederateson said...

State of the Union Response

by Steve Bonta
Constitution Party Communications Director

President Bushs 2006 State of the Union address, while undeniably a superb piece of political gamesmanship, highlighted the fundamental disconnect between most of the Presidents positions and the principles of constitutionally-limited government. This is hardly a new development, since the leadership of both major parties has treated portions of the Constitution as a dead letter for generations. Nevertheless, as the only national party whose platform is 100% constitutional, we are duty-bound to remind the American public of what is really at stake with issues like terrorism, welfare, social security, and other matters attracting attention in Washington.

Read more at link below: