Sunday, September 17, 2006


On arrival at Caracas airport, President Ahmadinejad took Mr Chavez's hands and said: "I salute all the revolutionaries who oppose world hegemony." He added: "The distance between our countries may be a bit far, but the hearts and thoughts are very close. "We have a common thinking, common interests."
Heck, they don;t just admit it; THEY BRAG ABOUT IT. And there a huge photo of Chavez and Ahmadinekad hugging; (IS Congressman Delahunt jealous? IS SHEEHAN JEALOUS? IS DHIMMI CARTER??). Why don't ALL the eurolefties and USA's Left-wingers - who now run the Democrat Party - come out of the closet and embrace Chavez and Ahmadinejad? Sheehan has publicly embraced Chavez and called Bush a tyrant. MAYBE SHE AND HER LEFT-WING ACOLYTES SHOULD GO TO TEHRAN, AND KISS UP TO THE MULLAHS!?

UPDATE: Of course, Ahmadinejad kissed Fidel's ass while in Cuba. And bragged about it. TOTALITARIANS LOVE EACH OTHER! And they all have a similar effect on their country - increasing poverty and decreasing human rights. After all, tyranny is the road to serfdom. As we are fond of saying: prosperity is a by-product of liberty and justice.


Pastorius said...

This is great because it makes it clear that when lefties support Chavez they are supporting Ahmadinejad. And, knowing that, we know that beyond a doubt they are a bunch of anti-Semitic fascists.

Daan said...

I'm a European lefty who is proud to support both Ahmedinejad and Chavez. Why? Israel uses the holocaust to destroy Lebanon. This state should be conquered and ruled by the UN. I support Chavez because he made some great proposals. The best one was to move the UN from New York to Syria or Brazil. Chavez will probably be chosen in the UN Security Council, because not only do Latin America and the Arab world support Chavez, but also Russia and China.

Chavez and Ahmedinejad are right about that America wants to establish a worlddictature. The Project for a new American century, founded by Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Jeb Bush clearly states that America should try to stay the global power in the world by using a large army. The method of torturing prisoners in camps around the world will clearly show to us all how this worlddictature will look like. The whole world should unite to prevent this from happening. I am even willing to fight in an army against the neoconservative fascists for the honour of Europe. Down with America!

Daan said...

I also like to point out that the present right-wing government of my country, The Netherlands is lobying to make sure that the torturing of prisoners in American camps around the world will become impossible in the future. There are more European countries who agree with The Netherlands, then with GB and the USA.

Reliapundit said...

daan - gitmo is a country club:




September 15, 2006 -- GUANTANAMO BAY, CUBA

ON the military plane back from America's most fa mous terrorist holding pen, the in-flight film was "V for Vendetta," a screed that tries to justify terrorism. It was a fitting end to a surreal, military-sponsored trip.

The Pentagon seemed to be hoping to disarm its critics by showing them how well it cares for captured terrorists. The trip was more alarming than disarming. I spent several hours with Rear Adm. Harry B. Harris Jr., who heads the joint task force that houses and interrogates the detainees. (The military isn't allowed to call them "prisoners.")

Harris, a distinguished Navy veteran who was born in Japan and educated at Annapolis and Harvard, is a serious man trying to do a politically impossible job. I spoke with him at length, and with a dozen other officers and guards, and visited three different detention blocks.

The high-minded critics who complain about torture are wrong. We are far too soft on these guys - and, as a result, aren't getting the valuable intelligence we need to save American lives.

The politically correct regulations are unbelievable. Detainees are entitled to a full eight hours sleep and can't be woken up for interrogations. They enjoy three meals and five prayers per day, without interruption. They are entitled to a minimum of two hours of outdoor recreation per day.

Interrogations are limited to four hours, usually running two - and (of course) are interrupted for prayers. One interrogator actually bakes cookies for detainees, while another serves them Subway or McDonald's sandwiches. Both are available on base. (Filet o' Fish is an al Qaeda favorite.)

Interrogations are not video or audio taped, perhaps to preserve detainee privacy.

Call it excessive compassion by a nation devoted to therapy, but it's dangerous. Adm. Harris admitted to me that a multi-cell al Qaeda network has developed in the camp. Military intelligence can't yet identify their leaders, but notes that they have cells for monitoring the movements and identities of guards and doctors, cells dedicated to training, others for making weapons and so on.

And they can make weapons from almost anything. Guards have been attacked with springs taken from inside faucets, broken fluorescent light bulbs and fan blades. Some are more elaborate. "These folks are MacGyvers," Harris said.

Other cells pass messages from leaders in one camp to followers in others. How? Detainees use the envelopes sent to them by their attorneys to pass messages. (Some 1,000 lawyers represent 440 prisoners, all on a pro bono basis, with more than 18,500 letters in and out of Gitmo in the past year.) Guards are not allowed to look inside these envelopes because of "attorney-client privilege" - even if they know the document inside is an Arabic-language note written by a prisoner to another prisoner and not a letter to or from a lawyer.

That's right: Accidentally or not, American lawyers are helping al Qaeda prisoners continue to plot.

There is little doubt what this note-passing and weapons-making is used for. The military recorded 3,232 incidents of detainee misconduct from July 2005 to August 2006 - an average of more than eight incidents per day. Some are nonviolent, but the tally includes coordinated attacks involving everything from throwing bodily fluids on guards (432 times) to 90 stabbings with homemade knives.

One detainee slashed a doctor who was trying to save his life; the doctors wear body armor to treat their patients.

The kinder we are to terrorists, the harsher we are to their potential victims.

Striking the balance between these two goods (humane treatment, foreknowledge of deadly attacks) is difficult, but the Bush administration seems to lean too far in the direction of the detainees. No expense spared for al Qaeda health care: Some 5,000 dental operations (including teeth cleanings) and 5,000 vaccinations on a total of 550 detainees have been performed since 2002 - all at taxpayer expense. Eyeglasses? 174 pairs handed out. Twenty two detainees have taxpayer-paid prosthetic limbs. And so on.

What if a detainee confesses a weakness (like fear of the dark) to a doctor that might be useful to interrogators, I asked the doctor in charge, would he share that information with them? "My job is not to make interrogations more efficient," he said firmly. He cited doctor-patient privacy. (He also asked that his name not be printed, citing the potential for al Qaeda retaliation.)

Food is strictly halal and averages 4,200 calories per day. (The guards eat the same chow as the detainees, unless they venture to one of the on-base fast-food joints.) Most prisoners have gained weight.

Much has been written about the elaborate and unprecedented appeal process. Detainees have their cases reviewed once a year and get rights roughly equivalent to criminals held in domestic prisons. I asked a military legal adviser: In what previous war were captured enemy combatants eligible for review before the war ended? None, he said.

America has never faced an enemy who has so ruthlessly broken all of the rules of war - yet never has an enemy been treated so well.

Of Gitmo's several camps, military records show that the one with the most lenient rules is the one with the most incidents and vice versa. There is a lesson in this: We should worry less about detainee safety and more about our own.

Some 20 current detainees have direct personal knowledge of the 9/11 attacks and nearly everyone of the current 440 say they would honored to attack America again. Let's take them at their word.

Richard Miniter (richardminiter.com) is a bestselling author and adjunct fellow at the Hudson Institute.

Daan said...

Senator McCain seems to have a different opinion about this. Suspects of terrorism against America should be trialed in America according to American law. I don't agree that islamic fundamentalism is the deadliest enemy America has ever encountered. The USSR had thousands of nuclear bombs. Islamic fundamentalists are weak compared to the communists and they are being defeated at the moment by public opinion in the muslim world.

You don't say anything about the Project for a new American century, which is the real threat to the world at the moment.

Reliapundit said...

the usa is not a threat to anybody but badguys.

look at south korea, taiwan, japan, PR vs Cuba, western europe, and every other nation in our "hegemony": better than nations not - freer, richer (as prosperity is a by-product of liberty).

europeans like u who hate america are irrational and ungrateful. (and i suspect anti-Semitic, with that irrational Project 4 a New American century bit. like neocon. it is more often than not code for a jewhater.)

mccain is wrong about the detainee policy.

he was turtured by vietnam - a signatory to the Geneva Treaty - at a time when NOBODY accused the USA of turturing anyone. therfore, for him to think that giving non-uniformed enemy combatants from groups which are NOT signatories to the Geneva Treaty the PRIVELEGE of the GT, and that this will protect US soldiers is STUPID. ESPECIALLY with alQaeda types who behead journalists and female Muslim charity wporkers. WITH GLEE AND ZEAL.

Read the above article. or stop commenting - ignorantly - and stay away.

Daan said...

If the Project for a new American century is irrational, how come that Cheny, Rumsfeld and George Bush's brothers were the co-founders of it. I think you are deceiving yourself. Cheney and Bush lie more then they tell the truth, just like the communists used to do. You're being tricked.

Reliapundit said...

daan; u misuynderstand me:

folks LIKE YOU who think a think-tank paper from "proj for a new am century" is important are IRRATIONAL.

you, not the think tank.

it's like the wacky nuts who fear the biderlbergers and the cfr.

Daan said...

I don't know what is irrational about trying to search for the truth behind the lies. It is clear that Bush, Rice and Cheney are lying very often. If they want that people trust them, then they shouldn't lie. At the moment i don't trust anything they say.