Thursday, August 10, 2006


The jihadomaniacs are habitual liars; they lie about a lot of things:
they lied about Jenin;
they lied about al Dura;
they lied about Gaza Beach;
they lied about Qana;
they lied about Hula. (We'll call this one HULA OOPS!");
they stage events and get the MSM to broadcast them as if they were news.

They tell a great big whopper about the so-called al aksa mosque being in Jerusalem.
We shouldn't be surpised that they lie so baldly and so frequently.

After all, people who:
systematically abuse their wives and daughters and sisters - to the point where they routinely murder them and call it "honor killing", and people who commit genocide against their fellow Muslims, and who commit genocide against Hindus (since well before 9/11), and genocide against Buddhists and who commit crimes aainst humanity directed at Buddhist World Heritage sites, and who behead journalists and slaughter female charity workers; and who toss crippled men in wheelchairs from the decks of ocean liners; and who murder babies; and who fly jets into skyscrapers in an attempt to murder tens of thousands -
will; of course tell a lie when they think it suits their purposes.

What is disappointing and enraging is that the MSM repeats these lies. (More HERE.)

The MSM does this because the MSM is dominated by post modern Leftists who are anti-Bush, and anti-Israel, and essentially anti-West.

[They are anti-West because have swallowed - hook, line and sinker - the post modernist lies about the West, namely that we are responsible for (a) Third World poverty, (b) global warming, and (c) most of the genocide in human history. All are false:

(a) Third World poverty is the result of their lack of free markets and industrialization - remember: the USA and Canada and Australia and Hong Kong and India were all colonies. Each became rich with free markets and industrialization. FACT:
In the last 50 years, $2.3 trillion has been spent to help poor countries. Yet Africans' income and life expectancy have gone down, not up, during that period, while South Korea, Singapore and other Asian nations that received little if any assistance have moved from African-level poverty to European-level prosperity thanks to their superior economic policies.
(b) Global warming is natural, not anthropogenic. (More here and here. And here and here and here.)

(c) And more genocide has occured within the Third World than outside it, or between it and the First World. And, contrary to what Leftist may feel, more genocide within the West was perpetrated by socialists in the name of socialism than by religous people in the name of their religion or sect. I short, post modernist analysis and theories are based on lies - and this is another affinity they have with the enemy.]

The MSM - like the academy - is a Fifth Column aiding and abetting a ruthless, mendacious, genocidal, misogynistic, racist enemy. To win WW3, we must defeat the Left first. We will not defeat the jihadomaniacs untiol we defeat this enemy at home.


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