Friday, August 18, 2006

THE ROOT CAUSE FOR PESSIMISM: Israel grotesquely cast as villain in one-sided TV news

Coverage of Israel's entirely justified strike against Hezbollah in Lebanon has emphasised the sinister way that war as reality television distorts the reality of war.

Within a week or so of the start of fighting, the idea was being canvassed that this was a public relations war, and Israel was losing it. The main basis for the proposition was the depiction on TV of destruction wrought by Israeli bombs and artillery fire on villages and towns near the Lebanon-Israel border and, especially, the killing of civilians. ...

Viewed as a TV program, the past six weeks' fighting has seen Israel portrayed as a rampaging villain.

This grossly distorts the reality of a free and democratic society (with a fully participating Arab population of almost one million) robustly defending itself against a specific attempt to destroy it that had been in the planning for nearly six years.
Once again, the MSM has carried the water for the enemy. This certainly effects pubic sentiment - which is central to the efforts and goals of the enemy: the enemy wants us stop counter-attacking, to appease them and to become dhimmis, and the MSM helps them by making our efforts at counter-attacking them seem futile and cruel. This leads to pessimism. I thi nk this makes them the PessiMSM.

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