Friday, August 04, 2006

THE "RECRUITING POWER" OF HITLER AND NAZISM, AND THE BRUTALITY OF FDR - or what Sheba Farms and the Sudatenland have in common

POWERLINE relates a few incredible idiotic comments by the UN's #2 Mark Malloch Brown (a longtime Korrupt Kofi's Kronie):
"Everybody would want a solution here which takes away the recruiting power of Hizbollah in the broader Arab world. That is one which addresses the territorial issue of the Sheba farms, which in a broader way addresses Lebanon’s sovereignty and integrity in a way that allows Hizbollah a political as against a militia future inside an independent Lebanon. If those issues can be addressed, then the support for a militarised Hizbollah falls away."
[POWERLINE]: This is utterly delusional. The idea that Hezbollah's maniacal attempt to exterminate the Jews somehow turns on Sheba Farms, a tiny slice of land adjoining the Golan Heights, which the U.N. says belongs to Syria, not Lebanon, is absurd on its face. And Brown's reference to Lebanon's "sovereignty and integrity," in the present context, is mystifying, since Israel departed Lebanon six years ago, and the only threat to Lebanon's sovereignty and integrity since that time has come from Hezbollah's patron, Syria, and from Hezbollah itself. But Brown, like most diplomats, is unable to understand or acknowledge that Islamic terrorists are simply evil. He desperately wants the present conflict to be about land. If we can only give Hezbollah some land--any land!--somehow, sanity will be restored. Suffice it to say that this is an approach that has been tried, and found wanting.
Giving Hitler the Sudatenland didn't mollify him; it emboldened him - even as 1938's MSM cheered Chamberlain as a "PEACEMAKER!" --- HISTORY HAS PROVEN THIS WHOLE EPISODE WAS IDIOTIC. Had Hitler been brutally attacked at that time - and his forces forced to retreat away from his border with the Sudatenland - then WW2 might have been avoided. Which is exactly what Churchill said at the time - and the MSM called HIM a warmongerer.

Chamberlain chose diplomacy and appeasement with evil rather than accept the fact that evil - like Hitler and Nazism - must be DESTROYED and not appeased. So, we failed to stop Hitler early and we got WW2. And WW2 was brutal. And we fought it with both hands and a cold heart. We didn't worry about anything except WINNING.

When we fire-bombed Dresden we did not improve Hitler's recruiting - and frankly, the idea is ridiculous them as it is now.

We ended his recruiting altogether when we blew up his bunker, killing him and his evil comrades. That's how you defeat an enemy. And end their recruiting.

Hiroshima did not increase the number of kamikazes attacking us. And proof that Hiroshima was NECESSARY (and that a "demonstration" in the Pacific would have been a collossal waste), is the fact that Japan didn't surrender until more than a week later, AFTER WE DROPPED A SECOND A-BOMB ON NAGASAKI. It took two.

FDR and Truman and Churchill knew what it took to defeat a ruthless evil enemy.

Bush and Olmert are dovish PANSIES compared to FDR and Truman. And that's why the GWOT is dragging on - in Iraq and Afghanistan and Israel. We should have NUKED Torabora, and assassinated Saddam and Moki alSadr. We should assasinate Assad - instead of going therough the motions of a UN investigation. We should have assassinated Nasrallah in 1983, when he ordered his evil Hizb'Allah operatives to bomb our Marine barracks killing a few hundred Marines - (Reagan blew this, BIGTIME). And. we should have wiped out the jihadomaniacs in Somalia and Yemen during the Clinton adminsitration.

When you fight with one hand behind your back and worry about reactions in the MSM, THAT'S when you aid the enemy. Giving into Ahmadinejad and Assad and Nasrallah now would only embolden them. They must be destroyed and not appeased.

The IDF should have begun their massive ground sweep through southern Lebanon - annihilating any and all Hizb'Allah forces and caches - A WEEK AGO. They did't because they value appearance to much and smashing the enemy brutally too little.

Dresden, and Hiroshima were important and useful counter-attacks during WW2. They are part of why we won. We did not hold back. We aimed to destroy the enemy and we used everything we had in order to do just that.

We need to ruthlessly destroy the jihdomaniacs - everywhere - if we want to win the GWOT. And compassionate Bush and moderate Olmert seem incapable of being as ruthless as FDR and Truman or Churchill. The result emboldens the enemy and endangers us all.

The enemy chose war; they attacked us. To achieve peace, we must wipe them off the face of the Earth. Nasrallah, Binladen, Assad and Ahmadinejad should all be assassinated. And if it takes very big bombs to do it, then so be it.

Do I sound UNHINGED? Sure: as unhinged as FDR and Truman.

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