Monday, August 07, 2006


The Bush Crowd cannot lose the CT primary: if Lieberman holds on, then their ally on the war issue rebukes their worst foes. If Lieberman loses the primary then Lamont will galvanize the loony Left and highlight the fact that the Dems have been taken over by the doves and appeasers.

It's a win-win for Rove. MORE HERE.


background n015e said...

pretty funny. "Steady as she goes"..."Stay the course"....

McGovern lost because:
a) he refused to let people know he had combat experience as a bomber pilot in WWII and his campaign went along with that.
b) he picked Eagleton without knowing about his psychiatric history.
c) Nixon was involved in Watergate

The fact is many of McGovern's platform planks were adopted BY REPUBLICANS ...e.g. unilateral withdrawal from Vietnam. At least when McGovern suggested it, he tied it to the return of POWs.


Praising Bush for persistence is like applauding Ahab for tenacity.

Reliapundit said...

backgrounder from rickville md: you are wrong about mcgovern.

i know: i was there at the time, and a huge mcgovernite.

since then i have learned that reagan was right, and the left wrong abiout everything.

take vietnam, for instance.

did you know that the last us ground troop left ietnam on 3/29/73. that's a few months after nixon's re-election.
it had nothin g to do with mcgivern or the l;eft and everything to do with nixon's policy of vietnamization. which was working.

the only reason south vietnam fell was because the leftie dem doves in congress abandoned them and pulled the plug on financing them. siagin fwell two years after the last us ground troops left - in 1975.

i hated nixon at the time. but looking back i can now see that he was great - on balance, and certtaqinly a bold prez who did more good than bad.

he invented detente and the epa and signed the clean air clean water act and opened china and ended the draft and ended our presence in vietnam and tried wage and pircve controls and got us off the gold atandard.

in 5 years.

some of that stuff is left-of-center and some right-of-center. most of it was pragmatic.

and the good that came of it has been lasting.

nixon did more good for the world in his five years than carter and clinton did together in 12.

if you disagree, then prove it to me.

nixon beat mcgivern becasue americans are not doves and because ALL the decisions mcgiovern made in the campaign sucked.

hey: if you can't run a good prez campaign then you probably can;t run a good WH.

i will give you this: mcgovern runs circles around that piece of crap kerry.