Tuesday, August 08, 2006

ALERT: ELEVEN EGYPTIAN "STUDENTS" GO AWOL - and the Feds don't release photos

Today we now know of 11 young men from Egypt who have gone missing among us. They are joining a large number of other illegal aliens who have gone missing in our midst, hiding in plain sight. I hope that when we next hear about them it will not be in conjunction with another terrorist attack.

Perhaps these students from a country that has a very serious terrorism problem simply went sightseeing. Perhaps they are driving taxis and will go home to Egypt when they have had their fill of New York's rush hour. Or, perhaps, just maybe, they are hiding in plain sight while they await instructions to participate in a terrorist attack.
BLUE CRAB BOULEVARD: I have not been able to find pictures of the missing men, but will update if the become available.

RELIAPUNDIT: What's the friggin' problem with our effin' govt!? Can't they get their hands on and release photos of these guys?! Maybe we should turnover the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI to America's Most Wanted and John Walsh!?



Pastorius said...

How come you didn't connect this to the August 22nd Rajab thing?

Frankly, I haven't done that on my blog because I don't want to appear too paranoid. Or, maybe because I don't want to BE that paranoid.

Anyway, here's the thing, I'm pretty sure there are a lot of ME people who come here on student visas and then do not show up for college. Let's face it, lots of people want to be here and saying you want to be a student is a good official way of getting here.

So, what bothers me about this particular case is that, while I believe there are probably hundreds of such missing ME people, the government has chosen to focus on these guys.

I think that is because they suspect something in this case, even though they have said there is nothing to worry about.

As Robert Spencer commented, "if there is nothing to worry about, then why did they announce it?"

Reliapundit said...


8/22 is soemthing to worry about.

as are these 11.

and at the very least, the release of the info on them and the impending date are connected. imho.

Pastorius said...

Michelle Malkin reports they caught one of the eleven students. He was in Minnesota.


Check out Malkin's story.