Friday, July 21, 2006


Most of the illegal immigrants who come here, come here to work. Most get hired to do jobs by the day, for cash. There are millions of jobs available like this, apparently. Apparently there's a labor shortage.

Well, if all the babies who were aborted (since Roe v. Wade became law) had been born, then we wouldn't have this labor shortage. And it is THIS SHORTAGE which attracts the more exploitable illegal immigrants. These jobs would have been filled by people who would have been born here: AMERICANS. But they were never born; they were "aborted." And the needed labor IMPORTED.

THESE TWO ISSUES ARE NOT UN-RELATED: The libertine Left - which supports abortion on-demand and open borders - supports anything which denigrates traditional families and traditional family vaues. Like homosexual marriage.

Abortion, illegal immigration, and immigration without assimilation do both.

In particular, illegal immigrants who don't intend to stay and or to assimilate diminish the social integrity of our communities and of our nation.

This is, after all, what the socialists admitted was their huge failure in France; the failure which led to their recent banlieue riots: the French failed to assimilate and integrate the "north African" immigrants into their cities and their nation. This is true of most of Europe vis a vis their Muslim populations, and it is now true of the USA vis a vis our illegal immigrants.

Interstingly, the EU has an even lower birth rate than the USA. And I assert that this is why THEY needed to import labor. And why they now have a festering Muslim population which is islamicizing their culture, and de-Westernizing their civilization.

SO, abortion rights - born from Left-wing libertinage, (like AIDS was: both resulting from feeling that unlimited sex can be had without any repercussions) - turns out to be major cause of the downfall of European culture to Muslims, and perhaps of American culture to Mexicans.

After all, only cultures which pass along their values to the next generation can survive over time. Abortion reduces the size of the next generation, and this diminsihes a cultures ability to be transmitted over time.

In the USA, this has been happening for over two generations. And it's having a major effect. Some say it's why the Democrat Party is shrinking: FEWER DEMS ARE BEING BORN; MORE DEMS ARE BEING ABORTED.

Getting back to the abortion/immigration nexus: Our own babies we ABORTED, and then the vacuum this created was filled by labor IMPORTED.

The ultimate cause of all this is selfishness and laziness: Many people want the sex without the labor (as in going into labor). And then - when they need someone to do a job - they expect they can get a cheap import.

The selfishness and laziness and lack of personal responsibility (which underlies the pro-choice position) is a form of rot from within. And the fact that these very same pro-abortion people then don't care if the imported laborers assimilate or not, well this causes another form of rot, SOCIAL ROT: it disintegrates or culture and denigrates our civilization.

Which is what the Left wants.

To prevent this we need to end illegal immigration and demand assimilation of all legal immigrants.

And we need to make abortion extremely rare. We need to replace it with adoption and embryo extraction.

If we don't, then our civilization will, for all intents and purposes, become extinct.

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