Monday, July 31, 2006


How Long Will We Wait Before We Really Begin To Fight?

Mona Charen answers:
Our people are beheaded on videotape and the world ignores it. We fail to offer the full panoply of the Bill of Rights to the beheaders and the world groans at the inhumanity of it all.

The United Nations Security Council condemns Israel for defending herself from naked aggression and manages to overlook Chechnya, the Chinese occupation of Tibet, every terrorist attack against Israel, the massacre in Rwanda, the Indonesian occupation of East Timor, Serbian acts in Bosnia, and pretty much the entire continent of Africa, which as Kofi Annan surely knows better than most, is a human rights cesspool. ...

There are millions of Americans who are not deluded by this madness (and we draw our military recruits from their ranks), and yet you cannot escape the times you live in.
[Pastorius:] ... the longer we wait, the worse things will be when that time comes. Everyday we wait, I become more and more despondent over the destruction to come.

Our victory is inevitable. I have no question about that. My sadness is for the millions, maybe hundreds of millions of dead and maimed who will pay the price for their silence in the face of rising fascism.

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And I abosfrigginlutley agree. Those who want us to temper our counter-attacks in order to appease so-called moderates ANYWHERE are fools and they are costing US and our allies lives.

FDR and Truman knew how to fight and win: you fight with everyhtong you've got, and until the enemy is erased or surrenders UNCONDITIONALLY.

In my book: both Olmert and Bush are both moderates who verge on the dovish. We let OBl get away from Torabora - we should NUKED HIM. We shoujld whacked Moki al Sadr in 2003 after he assassinated a more moderate rival. We should whacked Hizballah after they blew up Khobar Towers. And so on...

Everytime anyone - throughout ALL of human - history has been too soft on an enemy, the enemy has come back to bite him, and WORSE than he might otherwise have done.

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT CHURHCILL WARNED THE WEST ABOUT IN 1938: he said that they could confront Hitler in 1938 - and have a small war, or later and lose millions.

Sadly, most people called him UNHINGED and a WARMONGERER. But history proved him right. Reagan was called a warmongerer - in the Cold War. He didnlt end it; HE WON IT! Goldwater was also accused of being unhinged, but in retrospect: HE WAS RIGHT - and in your heart... you know it.

Pastorius GETS IT RIGHT, TOO! Read him here and here.

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