Friday, July 14, 2006

The Secretive Mr. and Mrs. Alger Hiss hold a Presser

Mr. Wilson is a LIAR and his wife is a TRAITOR. Heck, they're BOTH TRAITORS.

I LOVE THE FACT THAT THEY'RE SUING! What freakin' egomaniacal idiots.

Here's a link to a video of their presser.

Their lawsuit is like OJ Simpson suing the Goldman's! After all; Wilson's LIES smeared Bush just before an election; Bush is the only person who had his reputation damaged. (OKAY: Wilson also damaged his own rep' by LYING, but you can't sue yourself!)

And these IDIOTS announced their suit on the day that Novak came forward to say that the WH had nothing to do with the initial leak, and that the initial leak was inadvertant. This DISPROVES the only theory that these two stinking traitors have for their idiotic suit. Jerks.

As Jim Rose said; it ain't about the truth; it's about keeping the lies in the headlines until November.

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Jim Rose said...

Love the Alger Hiss reference! Good stuff.