Friday, June 16, 2006


FT (via Memeorandum):
Sweden's unemployment rate is 15 per cent, three times the figure being used by the government, according to new research from McKinsey Global Institute, the think tank.... In its first assessment of the country's economy since 1995, it said: "Sweden's economy has reached a critical juncture. If nothing is done, the problems will become much more serious."

It praised Sweden for achieving average GDP growth of 2.7 per cent a year since 1995, which it attibuted to deregulation and improvements in private sector productivity. But it said the country could not rely on future improvements in private-sector productivity, as the catch-up effect that had driven these developments would decline over time. The ageing population would put the public sector under "intolerable pressure" unless productivity improved, it added.

"If nothing else changes, the resulting increase in welfare costs would become too large to finance through the current tax system in only 10 to 20 years," McKinsey said.
From 1900-1950 Sweden was one of the fastest growing economies in the world - due to INDUSTRIALIZATION and CAPITALISM. Since 1950 only their PUBLIC SECTOR has consistently grown - (now, most people work for the government or are on welfare/public support). But it gets worse: Sweden also has a HUGE immigrant problem - a MUSLIM IMMIGRANT PROBLEM: epitomized by their rape epidemic.

There is a connection between Sweden's lack of any real domestic commercial growth - (which will strangle them economically), and their jihadist problem - (which will smother their indigenous culture): both are being fueled by SOCIALISM - and ideology which is a DIS-incentive to prosperity and which promotes MULTICULTURSALISM amd MORAL RELATIVISM.

Socialism entirely DISARMED the Swedes of the means to grow their economy and project THEIR OWN CULTURE into the future. The fact is the so-called SWEDISH MODEL sucks, BIGTIME. SADLY, the same will be true for most of the rest of the EU, which over the last 35 years has emulated Sweden more than the USA. INSANELY: THE DEMOCRAT PARTY WANTS THE USA TO FOLLOW THE SWEDISH MODEL.

(And of course, Sweden is vehemently anti-Israel, after all, the reactionary Left is the home of anti-Semitism.)

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All Europe is anti-Israel, right and left. Which is why Israel and America vie for the ignominy of being the two most dangerous governments on Earth in Europeans'

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