Wednesday, June 21, 2006

NYTIMES:" A Campus for 'Scholars, Not Fighters' on a Settlement Site"

A large photo accompanies this front page article (about a new college campus in Gaza); here's the caption:
"A poster of Yasir Arafat has a place of honor on a cafeteria wall on the new campus of Al Aksa University."
This poster of Arafat (terrorist, murderer, racist, advocate of genocide, and billionaire thief - who won the Nobel "Peace Prize") and its caption tell the truth about this so-called college - it's a school poisoned by islamofascism and jihadoterrorism. The article is pure PROPAGANDA for the enemy.

Either the folks who run the NYTIMES are idiots and dupes or intelligent traitors - take your pick.

GLEANED FROM THE ARTICLE: (1) Al Aksa University is affiliated with FATAH, Arafat's terrorist organization. THE FATAH FLAG FLIES ON CAMPUS BUILDINGS. Also there's this item (2):
A new classroom building is going up to house 4,000 women, who are taught separately in this conservative society.
The NYTIMES deliberately calls the Islamofascist/misogynists who perpetrate gender segregation "conservative" in order SIMULTANEOUSLY soften the image of the enemy and to slander US conservatives.

The NYTIMES: a tool of the enemy.


Anonymous said...

Fortune magazine - Capitalist Tool

New York Times - Capitalist Fools

Anonymous said...

All you need to know about the New York Times.


Anonymous said...

Ho ho ho.

"paranoia strikes deep
into your life it will creep"

I refer to your objection that "gender segregation" be
called conservative.

Gotcha'!--Then you of course admit that ORTHODOX JUDAISM, which also
segregates the sexes is ....

Bwahahahha. You willing to put these under the same aura of suspicion? I myself would except the Satmar Hasids who oppose Israel and US support for it.
But the Lubavitch......supporters
of terror!

Anonymous said...

thank you once agin for exposing your idiocy and that of your isolationist defeatist cohorts.

you are IMMORAL: equating stamr and/or lubovitchers with FATAH/jihadomaniacs.

when was the last time an orthodox jew beheaded anyone!? or blew up a pizzaria!?

or flew jets into buildings!?

no orthodo jews commit honor killings.

you are an ass who parades his racist idioicies for all to see.


thank again for posting it for all to see.