Sunday, June 25, 2006


FROM BLOGGER "Astrological Musings":
What do the planets show about Russ Feingold?

He has a Pisces Sun, not a common placement for a politician, but he also has a strong Aries influence. Pisces people are ... empathetic and sensitive to the needs of others, and one of Feingold's campaign promises when he ran for state Senator was to hold listening parties to stay in touch with constituents. His positions on the issues show a tendency to side with the needs of the people rather than corporations.

Mercury in Feingold's chart is in Aries, as is Mars and Venus. Aries is god of war, ruled by Mars (the Roman counterpart of the god Ares). Mercury in Aries shows Feingold's courage to speak out where others fear to, and is not afraid to stand alone in the face of battle. ... His Mars makes a trine (harmonious aspect) to Pluto, connecting the will of the individual self (Mars) with the god of personal power (Pluto). This is a powerful aspect that propels him effortlessly into the accumulation of real power.

His Sun makes a trine (harmonious aspect) to Uranus, showing that he is an individualist: he is also inventive and concerned with social issues (Uranus). His Mars makes a square (challenging aspect) to Uranus, showing that this individualism can be expressed in impulsive (Mars/Uranus) ways.

Feingold has a complex system in his chart called a Grand Cross (a stressful combination of planets with two oppositions (180 degrees) square each other). This Grand Cross includes Mars which is conjunct Venus, both in Aries opposite Saturn and Neptune, both in Libra and both retrograde. ... Men with Venus in Aries tend to want dominion in the home and that can be a problem in today's world.

The Grand Cross creates many challenges, but also teaches lessons that build strength of character. My sense is that Feingold's world is primarily the realm of politics and public life, and this helps him to sublimate the need for a personal life.... During Pluto transits we tend to lose relationships that no longer serve us, and this shows that the end of his marriage will ultimately be a positive influence for him.

Feingold will undergo a series of positive planetary events this year, including several Jupiter cycles that began last December and will continue through August of this year, bringing him opportunities (Jupiter) and expanding his influence. With the exception of a few short challenges, it looks like the planets will be kind to Feingold. Could he be the candidate to watch?
Maybe it would be a good idea if FEINGOLD purchased ANOTHER very EXPENSIVE chart from astrologer and stock touter JEROME ARMSTRONG?! He might get the added bonus of an endorsement from Kos!? Even though Feingold is a TRUE LEFTIST - like Kos - Kos seems to be leaning to Warner, ever since Warner hired his "partner" Jerome Armstrong. Coincidentally, of course. Heh. More here.


Anonymous said...

I was disappointed in one thing Feingold said during his Russert interview. he maintained the new Iraqi government was wrong to offer amnesty to killers of American troops. I hope Russ is playing to the undecided, because
this is the most unrealistic expectation one could offer
and it causes me to doubt his

Reliapundit said...

i opposed all he said AND that, too.

i am glad that it bothered you.

it seemed to me to be a case of where he is SO bds-afflicted he has to oppose anyhting which mught be good for bush.

ambesty is tricky.

but if it ends the struife between iraqis and allows them to fight the alQ types then it's a good step.

feingold is so ANTI( BUSH he can;t accept that.

it's pitiful; really.

lookit: i've been a reg'd dem since 1975, and was raised a leftist by former card-carrying commies who were in cells.

but i grew up. liberman did too.
clinton claimed he did, and ogt my vote, but looking back i can see he was a lefty dressed in conservative rhetoric.

lefies like feingold - and kerry and dean and teddy and bozer and durbin (who now conrrol the party again, as they diod in 1972) haven't grown up since vietnam.

it's why i voted buish in 2004- voting gop for only the second time in my life - in any race.

i feel the GWOT is EVERYTHING.

i know that socialism has FAILED EVERYHWRE.

i accept reality.

that reagan's and thatcher's policies WORKED, and transformed the USA/UK ecnomies and sense of purpoise inthe world.

the USA EU left is in denial of this.

they live in the past - like binladen.

okay: binladen is in the 12th century, and th dem left is in 1970.

that DOES make the dem left better than alQ.

but similar.

both in denial.

all the best.