Monday, May 08, 2006


The three major reasons most Americans are unhappy about illegal immigration these days are simple:

(1) the illegals pay next to no taxes, yet use a lot of services (like hopsitals, schools, roads, utilities, etc.);
(2) they don't assimilate;
(3) there are too many of them and they are depressing income.

Each of these has a simple solution:

First, cut the W2 tax rate for all W2 filers. Make up the difference with a national SALES TAX. This is a tax which illegals CANNOT AVOID PAYING. Nor could tourists. EVERYONE CONSUMING ANYTHING WOULD PAY IT. Let's say actuaries say we can make make it around 5%. Then, we give a TAX REBATE to ALL W2 filers of 5% on the first $35,000-$50,000 of their gross income - or thereabouts, so that the National Sales Tax would be ENTIRELY NEUTRAL for the LEGAL working class. This tax should increase federal receipts, too - since it would tax the consumption of an additional 12 millions consumers, the ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Second, we should make English the official language for all federal activities, and require that states make English their official language in order to get any federal funds, (like people getting a driver's license should be required to speak and read English). This will improve assimilation.

Third, build a fence.

Problem solved.


Pastorius said...

Very good. I like your solution.

The reason illegal immigrants are not assimilating is exactly because there are too many of them. They have their own lives which they have simply imported from their countries. They don't have to live differently.

Reliapundit said...

i think many just want $$ and others are actively SETTLING here to COLONIALIZE and TAKE OVER, as in MeCha Aztlan types.
Like the Muslims in the EU.

in BOTH cases, the "invaders" can only succeed with the governments acquiecence or aid. and in bioth cases it is the Left which aids them.

Anonymous said...

You get my vote.


Terrapod said...

Great start - but how do you keep the polcrats from later upping the income tax back up and leaving that sales tax in place....HMMM?

That aside, how about gradual escalating income tax for ALL taxpayers. That way EVERYONE is vested in what the government does. Do the math on this.
$1 - 10,000 pay 1%
10,001 - 20,000 -pay 2%
20,001 to 30,000 - pay 3%
30,001 to 40,000 - pay 4%
and so on, with those earning 100K paying 10%
200K 15%
500K and above 20% and that is the max cap.
Do away with ALL cap gains taxes and the death tax, then stand back and watch the economy, employment and wealth of the nation skyrocket,oh and the government will collect more tax revenue than ever before.