Sunday, May 07, 2006


By nominating Hayden, Bush BRILLIANTLY guarantees two things: (1) that we get an outstanding DCI; and (2) that the GOP gets a great issue for the coming election, one which will bifurcate the electorate in a way which benefits the GOP as it galvanizes the GOP base.

Let's face it: Bush has disappointed AS LOT of conservatives for A LOT of reasons: spending and PORK is rampant; immigration policy has been weak (AT BEST!); Bush has seemingly caved-in on "man-made" global warming; and his communications department has been PITIFUL (ever since Hughes and Fleischer first left. Let's hope Bolten and Snow mend things).

And these disappointments come as the Dem/Left, and the MSM they dominate, have been relentless in its attacks - ATTACKS WHICH HAVE BEEN FUELED BY A SEEMING FIFTH COLUMN WITHIN THE CIA: from the NSA leak to the Rendition leak, to the "Secret prison" leak, and so on. I t seems as if there is a cohort within the CIA which has been actively and illegally trying to undermine the policy of the duly elected government of the United States of America. This is nothing less than an attempted coup d'etat.

Yet Bush holds on... by the skin of his... Well you know what I mean!

Now, here comes the Hayden nomination. And we can depend on the Dem/Left - folks like Feingold - to try to use the president's nomination to reopen the debate on the NSA Intercept Program. AND WHAT WILL BE THE RESULT? The same now as when that debate last occupied center-stage: a resounding victory for Bush! The Dem/Left will expose themselves as soft-on-defense (and pro-terrorist's rights), and the GOP will come off as the only party the nation can trust with our national security.

BRAVO BUSH! GOOD NOMINATION. I look forward to the debate.

AND REMEMBER: this debate will be occupying center-stage over the next month or so, just as (I PREDICT): the DOW will climb OVER 12,000; and oil prices per barrel will continue to decline; and we will catch-or-kill Zarqawi.

I SMELL A BIG GOP WIN IN NOVEMBER! (Related thoughts HERE from Betsy.) MORE HERE, TOO.


Anonymous said...

Glad your back, reliapundit.

Gandalin said...

Thanks for coming back online, Reliapundit. I look forward to more insightful comments from you as the campaign season opens up! With the Dow over 12,000 (an all time high), unemployment at historic lows, hourly wages up, and gas prices on the way down, it looks like the clueless Dinocrats will be scratching their heads yet again.