Thursday, May 25, 2006


US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says Syria has not responded to UN Security Council Resolution 1680's calls for establishing diplomatic relations with Lebanon and that Damascus continues to treat Lebanon as a "client."

In an interview aired Tuesday on the Dubai-based Al-Arabiyya television network, Rice urged Syria to "stop treating Lebanon like a client ... Treat it like a neighbor. Treat it like an independent and sovereign country and then we can move on to a more peaceful and prosperous future for the Lebanese people."

Commenting on last week's clashes between Fatah al-Intifada, a Palestinian militant grouped backed by Damascus, and the Lebanese Army in which one soldier was killed, the secretary said: "Obviously, Syria wasn't listening. The resolution didn't say support a single Palestinian faction within Lebanon. It said treat Lebanon as an independent and sovereign neighbor that deserves to have a border that is demarcated and delineated."
Syria launches crackdown on dissent

The biggest wave of arrests since 2001 hits advocates of better ties with Lebanon.

By Rhonda Roumani | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

DAMASCUS, SYRIA – As if thumbing its nose at international pressure for democratic reform, Syria has jailed writers, activists, and intellectuals over the past week in a sweeping crackdown on internal dissent.
While those here who speaks out against the government puts themselves at risk, activists say more people have been arrested in this latest wave than at any time since 2001. This crackdown, they say, is aimed mostly at signatories of a declaration demanding that Syria improve relations with Lebanon.

"There is a preventive war being launched by the government and the ostensible reason is that people talked about an issue that is considered taboo: Syrian-Lebanese relations," says Yassin Haj-Saleh, an opposition figure who also signed the declaration, but has not yet been arrested.
These two articles reveal that Assad is REALLY feeling the heat. These arrests are OBVIOUSLY cowardly defensive measures intended to prevent regime change. IT WON'T WORK: the UN and the US are united on this front, and moving INEXORABLY toward Assad's removal.

I believe that the UN report - due soon - will directly implicate Assad in the murder of Hariri, and that this will ultimately lead to his utter isolation by every Arab nation (except for Iran) and that this will lead to his downfall.

He will be replaced by better people - LESS aligned to Iran and Iran's jihadoterrorist STOOGES: Hamas and Hizballah (and the other GANGS of jihadothugs who operate in the immediate vicinity).

This will be YET ANOTHER truly extraordinary and historic AND POSITIVE change for the Middle East - another one which BUSH IS DIRECTLY REPSONSIBLE FOR, and for which he receives NO CREDIT from the MSM:
Like Syria's withdrawal from Lebanon - after 23 years (which includes all 8 of Clinton's accomplishmentLESS 2 terms). Like Libya's renunciation of terror and WMD. Like the isolation of Arafat. Like the expansion of democracy and sufferage in Kuwait, Sauid Arabia and Egypt. SURE: WE HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO! But never before ahs so mich good thinsg happened on so many fronts inthe Middle East.
I PREDICT: that in the generations to come GWB will be seen as the progenitor of democracy for another ONE BILLION people on Earth, and regarded as one of the most important world leaders of all-time.

NOTE: If the BDS-MSMers were to talk about the situation in Syria the way they do the situation in IRAQ, then they would "BLAME BUSH" for this recent wave of political arrests in Syria (and NOT BLAME ASSAD), saying: "Bush's policies are actually leading to the ARRESTS of pro-democratic forces in Syria and setting BACK the movement; Bush shouldn't anger Assad, he should 'dialogue' with him."

This is ESSENTAILLY what their criticism of Bush's policy on Iraq amounts to: blaming Bush for the actions of those who oppose democracy and oppose our efforts to liberate our brothers and sisters in the Middle East, and help them achieve their universal Human Rights.

I'd love it if the Left would blame the enemy more than Bush. But they are driven less by sympathy to their fellow human beings who suffer under tyranny, than by their partisan hatred of Bush and by their cognitive dissonance, (which is caused by the fact that the organizing principles of Leftist ideology have been thoroughly discredited - first by Deng Xiao Ping in China in 1980, and then by the collapse of the USSR, and then by the resurgence of the USA under Reagan, the UK under Thatcher, and Ireland and India under administrations which rolled back socialism and Reaganized their economies and tax structure - leading to record growth and recortd investment).

REMEMBER: All the countries which have - since 1980 - followed Hayek (and rejected Marx and his ilk) have bettered the standard of living for their people and enlarged individual liberty, (of course: prosperity is the by-product of liberty!) - but this has happened at the expense of the State, and Leftists just cannot accept this. This leads them to become emotionally unbalanced, and to irrationally attack those who undermine their most basic beliefs in displays which are energized by classical cognitive dissonance. CD is what fuels their hatred and their denial.

That's why, even after Assad falls, these BDS afflicted Lefties will probably not be able to admit that they were wrong. Just as they now say that Iraq was better/safer under Saddam, they will argue that Assad was stabilizing, and that the inevitable chaos and power-plays which will result when Assad falls should have been anticipated, and would have been better avoided if there had only been better planning, or if we had just let "well enough" alone.

BAH HUMBUG! Tyrants like Assad, and Saddam never go without a push. And besides that, we have given Assad EVERY OPPORTUNITY to change. Just as we did Saddam.

But enough is enough. For Assad and his allies on the Left; (and this is true literally and figurativelt, for Assad is a Baathist and Baathism is a variant of socialism ad socialism is a variant of Leftism). The clock is ticking... on Assad, and on the Left, too!



Anonymous said...


Assad's fall was "imminent" to this pie-in-thesky-er more than a year ago!

Notice how, Ass-tootie seems to hedge his bets near the end, saying there might be complicating
"chaos" and "power plays" after Assad is overthrown.

You betcha! And if he was, an even MORE anti-American regime would replace him.

Not to worry! As the paragraphs AFTER "Assad feels the heat" correctly imply when correctly interpreted, far from feeling the heat, Assad is making decisive moves and showing the tampering Rice he is not to be intimidated.

Wise strategy-as the Bushies are on the defensive, in Iraq, with Iran, and now even if Afghanistan.
This is WHY Syria can defy the UN without worrying-something only Israel could formerly get by with,as "THE LOBBY" protects it here!

Bush will make no real move to destabilize Syria. The military
is overstretched now and the last thing it needs is another unstable front.

Anonymous said...



reliapundit said...

the asinione anonymous LEFTIE who posted the long diatribe that amountes to nothing mnore than a personal attack on me PROVEs the vapidity of the Left and the zeal with which they'll EMBRACE a genocidal tyrant as long as they're socialists and anti-America - his defense of Assad is not different than their love of Fidel and Che and Hochimin and Mao and - well you get the idea.

Assad was only kicked out of LEBANON LESS than a year ago, and his ulitmate departure is CERTAIN after the UN report proving his complicity in Hariri's murder.

Jordam and Egypt and SaidiArabia and Iraq and Turjey - HIS NEIGHBORS - upon whose trade he depends - will ALL join the US and the UN in calling for his ouster. His Baathist party - literally a socialist party - will NOT survive.

The succeeding regimne will UNDOBTEDLY be more pro-USA than his, which has ACTIOVELY supported the jihadothugs in Iraq.

I WANT TO THANK THE LEFTIE COMMENTER for proving ONCE AGAIN that the LEft supports the ENEMIES of the USa and the West.

Anonymous said...

nothing "anonomyous" said in his post constitutes a "defense" of
Assad, only the realistic suggestion of America's limited powers. To one taken in by Wilsonian neoconservatism this itself sends into paroxysms of

finally , that ass-tooter here
believes Syria's immediate
neighbors wish to have their
region further destabilized
and will help Bush overthrow
Assad, shows how out of touch with political reality he is.

I could leave it there, but "reliable" needs needs a circle-closing jolt. The dominant
majorities in Saudi, Turkey, Iraq
and Egypt consider the American
government as presently constituted, their chief worry, not Syria, and are engaged in efforts to lessen
its imprint in the Mideast.

reliapundit said...

king abdullah wans hamas and hizballah and assad GONBE: they are all actively seeking to overthrow himl he caught them at iot.

the terror atacks in egypot's sinai beach resorts were pered by terrorists supoorted by assad; these attacks hurt ALL of egypt and their regime wants hamas/hizballah and assad OUT, too.

turkey is attacked nearly everyday - not just but jihadoterrorists. many who get refuge and funds from assad. they want him out too.

iraq wants him out - for the same reason.

these are facts.

your personal attacks prove the hollowness of your arguments.

neither bush ort the so-called neocons demand that the emerging sdemocraies march lockstep with us. americans have NEVER demanded this form the MANY nations/people we have liberated.

to argue that when they diagree with us, it is therefore a FAILURE of us foreign polciy is a stupid falacious argument.

buhbyeee you leftie pro-terrorist anti-american dupe.

reliapundit said...

iu woiuld bet a dolar you also belive that gloobal warmiing is man-made.

in spite of the facst which PROVE it cannot possibly be.

you belive becasue you swallow whatver the left spoonfeeds you - especially if it is anti-american and anti-capitalist and anti-industry.

HOWEVER: since CO2 emissions have STEADILY/constantly gone up since 1900, one would expect gloabl-warming to be constant. it has NOT been.

from 1940-1970 the glonbe COOLED. and the last few years it has also cooled.

ALSO: there have been periods of gloabl warming before - BEFIORE the fossil fuel age, before huamn civilization existed.

it's friggin NATURAL.

wake up.

stop regurgitating lefist nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Assad had nothing to do with the Sinai attacks, I never mentioned Jordan --and Turkey and Syria are on friendlier terms than they were a year ago.

And Europe demands Bush talk peace with Iran, will not support any
rough play on Bush's part. Quick way to lose an Empire? Buck all
Europe, this time even Blair.

reliapundit said...


you can;lt seem to comment without regurgitating leftist nonsense.

the pali-jihadomanians bombed sinai; they are supported mostly by iran and syria.

egypt knows this.

abdullah II knows what hamas is up to in the kingdom of jordan.

my pojt stnds: thy
ey'fd all be ahppier if assad is gone.

sure: they want us to do it foe them.

which makes them a lot like the rest of the ungrateful world.

the assads/alawites are no friends to their neighbors. NONE - noy turkey, lebanon or jordan or iraq.

assad's days are numbered.

as for the chaos which might TEMPORARILY follow... need i remind you it took us YEARS to get from our vostory over the British EMPIRE till we had a constitution?

reliapundit said...

here's more proof you kneejerk leftie:

the turkish is cracking down on uiranian trade:


"Turkish authorities have also recently stopped a shipment of aluminum material to Iran at the last minute, seizing the material at Gurbulak border point with Iran."

contary to your anti-america anti-libertarian wishes, bush's strategy is working and the noose itightening around syria and iran,

turkey's new efforts asgainst iran prove that the neighborhood is increwssingly hostile to assad and the mullahs.