Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Climate is More Than Mean Global Air Temperature; (hat tip POWERLINE):
In closing, let me state that climate is more than simply annually-averaged global air temperature. Too much focus has been placed on divining air temperature time-series and such emphasis obscures the true issue in understanding climate change and variability.

If we are truly to understand climate and its impacts and driving forces, we must push beyond the tendency to distill it to a single annual number. Proxy records, which provide our only possible link to the past, are incomplete at best.

But when these records are carefully and individually examined, one reaches the conclusion that climate variability has been a natural occurrence, and especially so over the last millennium. And given the uncertainties in the proxy and instrumental records, an assertion of any decade as being the warmest in the last millennium is premature.
David R. Legates, Ph.D., CCM
Associate Professor and Director
Center for Climatic Research
University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware

RELIAPUNDIT: Somebody tell Al Gore to shove that global thermometer up his internet!

[ASIDE: So, why do they do it?! Why do Leftists - statists, the elitist know-it-all's - believe in this CRAP?! Because it appeals to their diathesis for PRESCRIPTIVE UTOPIANISM. This is what makes the Gore's and the Binladen's and the Stalins and Mao's and the Hillary's of the world so friggin DANGEROUS: they think that the world would be a better place - a UTOPIA - if only people did things the RIGHT WAY. Of course, they each define RIGHT WAY differently, but ALL would have an ELITE of like-minded people PRESCRIBE THEIR WAY on to the rest of us.

Non-statists like me, believe that the world will never find perfection, just as few of us will in our own lives, but that the best results are a product of personal choice, personal will, and personal responsibility. That's why we have confidence in the marketplace, for what is a marketplace except a place where free persons get to buy and sell - exchange - whatever they want, whenever THEY think it has a price which matches the value they put on it.

History bears out the non-statist view: free markets have always out-produced statist/command economies. Since 1980, China and Ireland and the UK and the USA and India have all borne this out. South Korea proves it most dramatically. Prosperity is a by-product of liberty. The free market is liberty in action. So free people are FREER than less free poiple - a good in and of itself,AND, they have more prosperous lives with better standards of living and better lifestyles - lifestyles they get to lead from their OWN personal choice. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT?! it sounds better than the USSR to me!

Well... despite reality, Statists have no confidence in outcomes produced by the free market. The believe that since free markets don't produce perfect, UTOPIAN results, that THEY should just be given a LITTLE 3rd party control over markets so that they can pre-determine values and outcomes, and that then everything would be better. UTOPIAN.

They are so sure, that they are willing to use the coercive power of the state to take private property, or deny basic, Universal Rights and personal liberty. In fact, the impulse to pass so-called "Campign Finance Reform" is just this "prescriptive utopian" impulse. In this case the statists say, in effect, "We'll just curtail Free Speech a little. It doesn't really matter; the OUTCOME will be better."

The same people who liked Campaign Finance Reform liked Kyoto - or similar schemes. It empowers them - the elite - to prescribe goals and outcomes, and to levy taxes to finance an elite they designate who will set goals and determine outcomes.

This is ANOTHER reason that Leftists have affinity with the jihadomaniacs. Not only do they both hate Judeo-Christian ethics, Western Civilization, and objective rationcination, and abhor what they (incorrectly) see as centuries of European abuse of the Third World and of the Earth, but they also believe that the world would be perfect if EVERYBODY thought and felt and did just like they did. AND THAT THEY WOULD, IF THEY WERE AS SMART AS THEM, OR HAD BEEN "TAUGHT" AS WELL AS THEY HAD BEEN.

And they seek the power of the state to inflict that vision - like BULLIES - on everyone else.

For the common good.

Yeah, sure.

Their belief in global-warming, in Kyoto, in Campaign Finance, in windfall profits taxes, in progressive income taxes, in affirmative action - all stem from this impulse.

It is a dangerous and fundamentally anti-libertarian impulse. It's why they're all bullies. And why they all have the audicaity to say it's for our own good.

Well, you now what I say!? Shove your common good up your elitist arse!]


Pastorius said...

This is, I believe, one of your best posts ever.

Well put.

Reliapundit said...

thanks pasto. spread the good word.

Anonymous said...


what were those unkind names you called those who "believe in"
global warming?

(see above)

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! But then maybe you're not the hardy outdoors type.

Reliapundit said...

i fish and hunt.

the poll your link siutesw only proves that most people have been duped/braiwashed. like you.

why not explain the facts i offered which demolish the notin that warning is man-made!?

these are fatcs. and facts are stubborn things.

a fact is not a poll result.

if a majority of people plled said the wolrd was flat - as people believed in 1491 - it would not make the world flat.

you may believe what you want, but it cannot makle it true, nor can any poll result.

the fatcs speak for themselves.

the facts need no polls.

the fact is that since 1840 global warming has neither been constant or steady - in fact there have been decades of increasing CO2 and DECREASING temperatures, which effectively disproves the theory you believe in. totally.

wake up snd smell the reality, kiddo!

Anonymous said...

the jury is out on global warning and its causes--now saying even this much is beyond the pale to people on both extremes-

so stand back and accept the reality, both sides have qualified scientists bolstering their cases,like it or not.

But I find it very telling, and
politically unfavorable for your camp, that those most in touch with the outdoors, say you're wrong!

Why politically unfavorable?

Because outdoorsmen vote, and their opinions might just shape their votes on legislators and legislation favoring or opposing certain programs to remedy a problem you deny exists.