Monday, May 22, 2006


Long ago I posted that Hizballah and Hamas (and other jiahdoterrorist groups) are proxies who are funded by and operate on behest of Iran. THIS STORY from the NY's paper of record seems to bear that out - OMINOUSLY SO. EXCERPT:
The nationwide effort to neutralize Hezbollah sleepers in the United States, being spearheaded by the FBI and Justice Department's counterterrorism divisions, was triggered in January in response to alarming reports that Iran's fanatical president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, met with leaders of Hezbollah and other terror groups during a visit to Syria.

Among those attending the meetings, according to reliable reports, was Hezbollah's chief operational planner, Imad Mugniyah - considered one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world - who is responsible for the bombings of the 1983 U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut and who, more recently, provided Iraqi guerrillas with sophisticated explosive devices.
The interface between state's like Iran and jihadothugs like Mugniyah remains the gravest threat to Western Civilization. (Followed by the fact that Europeans and Russians are NOT having children.)

I habe long argued that Iran wil try to ignite an Israeli-Arab War as a diversion. Israel's unilateral separation negates that, somewhat - by allowing Israel to reinforce defenses on its most important national assets by allowing redeployment of military assets from places that require a disproportionate amount of protection for their relative value, (namely the smaller West bank settlements). They will soon be impregnable

The endgame is advancing on many fronts: as Iraq stabilizes the USA and UK can redeploy troops in ways that put more pressure on Iran - and Syria; we are honing in on the murderous Bashar - a final report on the Hariri assassination is due in a few weeks; we are pressuring Syria to finalize its borders with Israel and Lebanon; Israel's new government will begin withdrawals from the West Bank; the UNSC will pass another anti-Iran-nuke resolution; a major Coalition offensive is rolling up jihadothugs in Afghanistan; and so on.

The wild card is all the 12th Iman BS: the feeling that Ahmadinejad will PREEMPTIVELY attack the West in order to bring on the catclysm he and his fellow cult members believe will bring on the appearance of the 12th Iman. Some people feel that his letters to Bush and the Pope presage a preemptive attack - and perhaps even a nuclear one.

I don't consider this likely. I feel that if Iran had nukes already that they would NOT be "acting out" so much; for example, a poker-player with a winning hand doesn't smirk and gloat and challenge his opponents (because they'll just fold, and he'll NOT win a large pot). NO, someone who holds a winning hand wants his opponents to think he's holding BAD cards, and is nervous, and unsure - so that the pot will get bigger.

That's why Ahmadinejad's bluster and dare seems hollow to me, phony. FOR THE TIME BEING.

Of course, given how the mullahs feel about their rights to have nukes, it's only a matter of time before they do get'em, UNLESS we: (1) preemptively attack their nuke assets; or (2) foment REGIME CHANGE INTERNALLY. The latter is of course preferential. After all, nukes themselves are not dangerous; their danger is purely a matter of who controls them. If a sensible, rational, international law-abiding/Universal Human Rights observing Iran had nukes I would not worry very much. But the fact is that Iran right now cannot be trusted with nukes and must not be allowed to get them.

Preemptively attacking them seems the MOST likely thing that will happen. If the GOP loses the House, then I expect us to attack before Christmas 2006 - (before Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Conyers initiate impeachment proceedings). In any event, Bush will NOT leave this problem for the next president to solve; therefore the outside date for action is January 5th, 2009. So that the Free World won't have to depend on President Hillary (God forbid!).

NOTE: The POSSIBLILITY of a preemptive attack by the end of this year IS ALL THE MORE REASON WE WILL SEE WITHDRAWALS OF US AND UK TROOPS FROM IRAQ: our troops in Iraq are the most likely retaliatory target - they would be the closest and largest target for the Iranians to hit.


Anonymous said...


Some of these overly optimistic analysts also share your chutzpah
today. I say Russia and China
will tell Bush in no uncertain terms, we rely on Iran's stability and we will not countenance any attack on or meaningful undermining of, their government.

And Bush, already weakened by
mistrust of 70% of his own people,
will pull in his reigns, also fearing a Russian/Chinese/Iranian axis of defense and a "don't get us involved" Europe.

Reliapundit said...

what you wrote is nonsense. literally.
iran stable!?!

russia and china depend on iranian status quo?


they might whine if and when we premptively neutralize irans nuke assets and they will stand aside when iran retaliates with their jihado-proxie slimeballs.

but they will not and cannot block us.

they will no more stop us against iran than they did with saddam.

get it through your thivk duped brainewashed by leftists skull that GWB will NEVER EVER out the defense oif the Free World in the hands of Russia and China.

leftie loons like you and Prez Hillary WOULD.

which proves the reasonability of my prediction.

and - i pray - ulitmately the UNelectability of leftier doves like hillary/kerry et al.

Stop regurgutating the leftist lies you receive from the academy and the msm and the entrenched bureaucracy.


it'll begin to open you eyes about the Left - and the very real danger the left poses, why they're the Fifth Column.

as pim fortuyn said.

Reliapundit said...

russia is playing a dangerous game with iran and so is china.

but they have NO hold over what we can and must do.

if the current demo trends hold up, then russia will become MUSLIM by 2050. and they have REAL trouble with the chechens msulim terrorists, too.
and china has a domestic muslim problem too - with the uighurs.

they are playing a very dangerous game with iran.

they thik they can use iran to hedge us in.


Anonymous said...

R and C depend on Iran's stability both for business dealings and for oil supply. If Bush attacks Iran,expect to pay 6 dollars a gallon after Hormuz is shut off.

Also, the Iraqi Shias will en masse
join the Sunni jihad on the streets,paralysing Iraq and killing
thousands of US troops there.
Bush is checkmated and he'd better realize it.

It's only because you magnify the Islamic threat that you believe Russia plays a dangerous game.
Putin should embark on an economic incentive program for an increased
Russian birthrate as Australia
is doing.

Russia should form a comity with
Germany as well, and maintain
peace with Islam ,realizing as long as America is dominated by the Israeli Lobby, they
will have leverage in much of the Islamic world.

Reliapundit said...

r and c do not DEPEND on iran for oil.
russia is an exporter. china buys from EVERYONE. oil is a commodity traded TRANSPORENTLY.

if you want cheaper oil increase the supply. do thuis by voting GOP. the GOP will allow drilling off our coast. the dems are blocking it.

shias and sunnis hate each other EVERYWHERE; they are not uniting to kill anyone. they kill each other, mostly. they kil mre of each other than they do US troops.

you don't really believe the crap you write do you!?!?!? sheesh.

the israel lobby is anti-semitic BS. code for neocon code for THE JEWS. nonsense.

you anti-semitic assholes think bush is simultaneoulsy controlled by the house of saud, and likud, and labor, amd kadima - FOUR PARTIES WHO HATE EACH OTHER AND PURSUE DIFFERNTY GOALS!

it is patently absurd.

if you weant cheap gas vote GOP and we will get oil from ANWR and off the coast of FLA and CA. BTW: Fidel is drilling off his coast.

BTW2: the brits and norse drill for oil in the north sea. if they can do it there then we can ANYWHERE off our coast.

BYW3: katrina PROFVED off-shor oil-drilling is ENTIRELY safe: ther were ZERO spills from THOPUSANDS of platforms off the coast in the hurricanes path.

resistance to more drilling off the coast is just more IRRATIONAL LEFTIS BULLSHGIT.

wake up kiddo!